News From Ms. Lemus' Class

News for the Week of September 8, 2015

Hello Parents!
Welcome to your first third grade electronic newsletter! Please let me know if you have additional email addresses you would like me to use.
The year is off to a fabulous start! I see students being responsible by bringing in paperwork and planners signed. I see students who listen to their classmates and are respectful of feelings. I see third graders ready to learn and happy to be at school! What more could I ask for?
This week is the beginning of mClass reading assessments. These are the same assessments your child had in second grade. Each student will read to me one on one and will have to respond to questions verbally and with written responses. This will help me know where to begin my small group instruction! We also have MAP testing this week for reading and math, reading is Thursday morning and math is Friday morning. I will review the results of all the testing at our parent teacher conference that begin in two weeks. Please look for the sign up sheet in you child's folder on Friday. Because of the short week and the various assessments going on this week, I am not sending home the same type of homework as I did last week. Please look in child's planner for current homework assignments and continue to sign the planner nightly.

Mrs. Lemus

Parent Night

Tuesday, Sep. 8th, 6-7:30pm

Claxton Cafeteria

We are having a very important parent meeting this Tuesday. We will discuss third grade curriculum, procedures, and our new math grant! I hope to see all of you there.

Famous Failures Video

We watched this video in class and students were very surprised to see that many famous people have either failed trying or have been told they can never achieve. What do they have in common? They never gave up! This is a great video to launch discussions about how perseverance pays off!
Famous Failures

What are we studying?

Math- We are reviewing place value and telling elapsed time by using a number line. This week we will begin rounding to the nearest 10, 100, and 1,000.
Writing- We are beginning our narrative writing unit. Soon students will take home their writer's notebook one day a week to share great stories at home!
Social Studies- We are studying maps and where we are on this planet!
Daily 5- We are learning expected behavior for Daily 5 time as well as building our reading stamina.

Our Classroom Mission Statement- Written by YOUR CHILDREN!

When I asked the class what they wanted out of third grade this is what they said:

Our Classroom Mission Statement

Our classroom will be free from bullying. We will have proactive attitudes and practice A.R.T.S. behavior.

We will respect privacy of others, keep our classroom clean, and be respectful of people and their belongings.

We are here to become good thinkers, listeners, leaders and friends. We will include others and find happiness in what makes each of us unique and special.

We will be humble and apologize when we need to. We will stay healthy, encourage each other, make our own sunshine and let others learn!

By Mrs. Lemus’ Class 2015-2016