Interior Design

By Isabelle Devers

What dose interior design mean

interior design is were you design with your heart and it comes from the inner side of you. Interior means to situated on or relating to the inside of something inner. Interior design means the art or process of designing the interior decoration of a room or building.

Interior designers are creative, imaginative and artistic, organised and skilled business people. Interior designers work with clients and other design professionals to develop design solutions that are safe and meet the needs of the people using the space.

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Interior designers must know how to plan a space and how to present that plan visually so that it can be discussed to the client. They must also know about the materials and products that will be used to create and furnish the space, and how texture, colour, lighting and other factors combine and interact to make the space come together. In addition, interior designers must understand the structural requirements of their plans, the health and safety issues, building codes, and many other technical aspects.

Interior Design Pt.1 How I became an Interior Designer