The Marines


All you need is a high school diploma and a way to visit any Marine recruiting office you can find. Once they accept you (which of course they will, being the fine specimen you are) you must take a physical examination which consists of at least two pull-ups 44 crunches in two minutes and a leisure stroll of three miles in 13:30 minutes (15:00 if you're a woman)


Every military branch costs nothing to take part in the, housing is free, so therefor you can't get scholarships. But be wary, being a marine takes a strong will and tough mind.

Important Requirements

1.) You must be at least 17 years old and at most 29 years old at time of enlistment

2.) You must be a citizen and proof of legality

3.)And you must go through at Parris Island, or San Diego

4.)You must also go to a School of Infantry, or Marine Combat Training + Military Occupational Specialty School

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How will you benefit

The marines offers training like nowhere else it trains your ability to fight through tough situations, and you will pushed like you've never been before. But you will definitely learn skills you will learn almost nowhere else, like making difficult decisions under pressure, adapting in order to complete the mission, and would be the most highest honor to put on your resume when you get interviewed for being the GM of a huge company some day.