LGBTQA Resource Center

February Newsletter

Change Created!

The Creating Change Conference went off without a hitch! Our NEIU student representatives were given the opportunity to attend a myriad of informational sessions. Topics centered around racial justice, forms of discrimination, and how to implement techniques to accommodate the intersecting identities of all of our dedicated students.

NEIU attendees agree - their lives are more enriched and empowered for having gone.

LGBTQA Creating Change 2016
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Safe Zone 101



The LGBTQA Resource Center's Safe Zone workshop is designed to educate people about sexual orientation and gender identity, create a visible network of allies to provide support to members of Northeastern’s lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer (LGBTQ) communities, and provide accurate information and resources about sexual orientation and gender identity issues.

For more information regarding Safe Zone or to register for a seminar please fill out the form here.

Straight Facts about LGBTQA Life

Straight Facts about LGBTQA Life is an educational outreach program for the entire Northeastern Illinois community. This program is dynamic and flexible; it allows the initiator to request a workshop or presentation to fit the needs of their audience. Topics that can be covered could include: Social Justice Ally Development- Moving Beyond Tolerance, How to create Trans inclusive communities, resources on campus and beyond, Creating a Common Language, and/or work with our LGBTQA Resource Center Director to create your own Straight Facts about LGBTQA Life.

Please fill out the form here to request a workshop.

Safe Zone 201



Our Safe Zone 201 workshop will focus on the white-washing of the LGBTQA movement, and how it has affected the many diverse groups within the community. We will discuss issues like white privilege and the fight for marriage equality, being LGBTQ and a person of color, and the intersection of minority and queer identities.

For more information regarding Safe Zone 201 or to register for this seminar, please fill out the form located here.