Home Daycare

Lauren Szabados and Alana Veach

Six Business Activities for Your Business

Generate Ideas:

We run a home daycare business for working parents who don’t have a common nine to five working shift. We researched around our community to find that there weren't any other home daycare options available. The home daycare is located at Lauren’s house. We have children from the age of an infant to the age of twelve. We provide the children breakfast, lunch, and two snacks a day. Depending on the parent’s working hours, some children will stay until dinner. We also provide learning games and activities for periods of the day, with breaks for the kids to go outside or stay inside and play.

Raising Capital:

We will need $10,000 in order to start our business. We will use some of our money and get a loan from the bank. We will need to money to buy food, drinks, toys, and educational games. We are running the daycare from Lauren’s house so we will not need to buy another building.

Employing and Training Personnel

At the moment, there are three employees working at the business, Lauren, Alana, and our helper to keep records of income and payments made. After we grow into a bigger business, we may hire one or two more employees. We hope to keep this a small business with few employees. We are at the age of 18, and both have high school diplomas. We provide doctor’s notes every two weeks to say that we are free of any communicable diseases. We both have received background checks stating that neither of us have been to jail or been convicted of any crime. Both of us have received certification in first aid, and go to in-service training for 2 hours every month.

Buying Goods and Services:

We will need to buy food and drinks for the children. We will also need to buy toys and educational games for the kids to play with. We also will be buying cots so that the children have a place to sleep when it’s their nap time.

Marketing Goods and Services:

To let people know about our home daycare business, we will put an ad in the Rochester Times and the State Journal Register. These ads will tell where our home daycare is located and a phone number for parents to call about getting their child into the daycare. Also, we will put flyers around the neighborhoods in Rochester.

Maintaining Business Records:

We will have to maintain our business records for the government. We will be hiring someone to maintain our business records for us. It will be easier if we don’t have to worry about that. We will keep the information on all orders and payments.

Business Ownership

We will have a partnership since there are two of us. Partnerships are the easiest to start. We have to share the investments and profits and we are both liable for the debt if the business fails. The advantages of partnerships are two people contribute to the investment, get expertise from more than 1 person and each partner is responsible for the decisions made by all other partners. The disadvantages are there is no protection for personal assets and if a partner leaves or dies the partnership is dissolved

Business Goals

Our first goal for our business, we hope to reach by the first six months of being opened. Our first goal is to have ten children that regularly come to our daycare. At first, we will only charge $150 per child for the first year. After one year of being opened, if the business is going good we hope to raise the price to $200 for a larger profit.

Mission Statement