EISD Parent Connection

EISD Family Engagement Department - Issue 2 - Sept. 2020

Back-to-School Message for Parents & Guardians

Hello, parents and guardians! As the new school year gets underway, it’s important for you to be comfortable with both your role in the educational process and the tools you have at your disposal.

There is an ongoing debate about what constitutes the ideal balance of parent involvement, but decades of research have revealed three distinct patterns:

· Children with involved parents have fewer behavior issues and better social skills.

· Children whose parents have high aspirations/expectations achieve at a higher rate.

· Consistent school-to-home communication is associated with significant overall improvements.

If you stay involved enough to know what’s going on and you support the instructional goals of teachers, you can have a measurable impact on your child’s academic success.

SeeSaw Resources

Here is some great information provided by our Instructional Technology Dept. to help you navigate your way through SeeSaw. The Family Engagement Department will also be providing training opportunities as well. Please click on the picture below for additional resources.

Tech Spotlight

How To Use Zoom for Remote Learning

How to use Zoom for Remote and Online learning

Introduction to TEAMS

Upcoming Parent Trainings and Events

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