BY; Julia Alvarez presented by; melissa Tinoo-Carbajl


When and where the story takes place.

Quote- "Our First year in New York we rented a small apartment with a catholic school nearby, taght by the sisters of charity, hefty women in long black gowns and bonnets that made them look peculiar, like dolls in mourning.' pg.215

It's December and the main carácter moved to New York from the Dominican Republic, a small tropical island southeast of florida, goes to a catholic school, she liked the sisters, especially her fouth grade teacher, sister zoe.

Point of view

The vantage point from which the author tells the story.

Quote-"As the immigrant in my class, I was put in a special seat in the first row by the window, apart from the other childern, so that sister Zoe could tutor me without disturbing them" pg.215

Yolanda is the naarrator, shes the one telling us the story and letting us see what she wants us to see. The narrator talk to us directly and uses the 1st person pronoun.


Authors way of making the story seem more real by using the Five -senses

Quote- 'Snow ' I repeated. I looked out the window warily. All my life i had heard about the White crystals that fell out of American skies in the Winter.From my desk I watched the fine powder dust the sidewalk and parked cars below. Each flake was different, sister Zoe had said, like a person. irreplaceable and beautiful." pg.216

Yolanda was amazed by seeing snow for her first time, she seemed intrigued about it. She didn't know how to react that she thought it was a bomb, because the snow was falling likje dots like sister Zoe described the missile crisis bombing.

Situational Irony

Expecting something to happen but it doesn't , an event of outcome of events opposite to what was or might naturally have been expecting.

Quote-"Russian missiles were being assembled, trained supposedly on New York City. President Kennedy, looking worried too, was on the televisión at home, explaining we might go to war againist the communist." pg.215.

It's a type of irony because it was Decemeber, and the cubian missile crisis happened in october. In the story she never said they went too war. In the story they had drills just like every school does.