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About the Bahamas

you should come to the Bahamas because we have nice water falls, beaches.

Our continent is north America our capital is Nassau.

Our population is 324,597 (rank =172)

Our area is 13,880 miles.

Our main languages is English .

Our main religions are god, Baptist, protestant

our distance from capital to Washington is 930,008 miles

Personal Appearance

Us Bahamians wear western style clothing. Men how work at banks businesses wear suits.

women wear dresses, stockings, high heels,

school kids wear uniforms pants shirts for the boys girls wear skirts shirts

Famous People Known In The Bahamas

Sidney Poitier; was known for her acting

Wood Rogers; was known as the governor

Sir Lynden Pindling; was known as the prime minster

Paul Davis Thompon; wasknoen as a athlete


Meal time is an important occasion for family interaction. Home cooked meals are mainly cooked on Sundays.

Fast food is ordered twice a week.

The food is generally high in cholesterol and calories


Bahamians tend to arrive late to planed visits and will stay as late as possible like a hour or two .

familyies offen visit after church. Manily to eat a large meal

Dating and Marriage

Most relastionships start between young Bahmins offen start in school.

most Bahamins share the same religion.

Teen pregnancy is offen.

Commonolder couples wait intell three years befor marriage .

Marriage cermoines are held at churches.

Fun Things

We have water falls lovely beaches