January 2021 Newsletter

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21 Hopes for The Class of 2021

There's a line from my favorite show of 2020, Ted Lasso, in which one of the characters shares a common British idiom, "It's the hope that kills you." It's an extreme version of our "Don't get your hopes up" and one that certainly fits 2020. During a pivotal scene in the show, Ted, a small-time college football coach turned British Premier League soccer manager (trust me, it works) challenges this claim. He argues that hope is what keeps us going.

So for 2021, in the spirit of Ted Lasso, I'd like to offer 21 hopes that I have for our class of 2021.

  1. They hang out together a lot, in person.

  2. They continue to spend time outdoors.

  3. They make college and career decisions based on what's best for them, not what society expects.

  4. They continue to speak and act out for racial justice.

  5. They continue to unleash their creativity (for those of you who attended Ms. Bomphray’s poetry showcase, you know what I’m talking about!)

  6. They have mature conversations with people from different backgrounds and with different worldviews.

  7. They use credible sources.

  8. They cite their sources.

  9. They engage in the political process.

  10. They read books.

  11. They value compassion.

  12. They seek out challenges.

  13. They don’t wish away their childhood.

  14. They thank their friends, families, teachers, and coaches for their help.

  15. They do things for the sake of doing them, not to check a box or make themselves look good.

  16. They find a career they love.

  17. They cherish their experiences as much as (or more than) their possessions.

  18. They laugh a lot.

  19. They experience a relatively normal graduation ceremony.

  20. They don’t suffer any more losses.

  21. They remember that what they experienced in 2020, cliche as it may sound, will make them stronger.

Class of 2021 and everyone else, here’s to hoping in 2021, even when it seems foolish.

Hopes for 2021 (from some of our Eagle Scholars)

One hope I have for 2021 is to better myself as an overall person and focus on my goals in life.

To put more time into my education, to work better on my mental health, to be more understanding towards people, to not make the same mistakes I’ve made in the past few years, to save money better, and to not be such a homebody.

One of my goals is to get back into the habit of reading. I plan on reading a ton - at least 10-15 books this year, and today I finished my first one! :)

To put my effort into school, health, and to make better decisions than 2020.

Some of my goals this year include figuring more out about who I am, pushing myself to accomplish more of what I want to do, dedicating more time to working on my relationships, and simply becoming a better person by fortifying my morals and ideals into how I act.

I hope to pass class in 2021 with all the coronavirus and other outlying issues as well as play baseball

In 2021 I will not only pass my classes (both in high school and college), but also exceed my own expectations. I will also grow as a person and in my relationships.

I hope we get Covid under control and fewer people get sick and pass away. In 2020 lots of people got sick and sadly passed away. I hope the United States can get through this as a team for the better.

I will try to practice drawing more this year.

I hope to continue to take care of my mental health and my physical health. I also want to read more books and journal more.

I want to be more involved academically and outside of school since I have been getting behind lately when I normally never do. I am also going to try and focus more on myself physically and overall.

My hope for 2021 is for my family and I to have the utmost health and safety and for 2021 to be filled with nothing but happiness.

I hope to continue learning from marginalized peoples in effort to better myself and my community. And I hope to get my license before I graduate.

My hope or goal for 2021 is to continue improving myself academically physically and mentally so that I can be the best I can be

My hope is that for 2021, when I turn 18, I'll have more autonomy and be able to contribute more to my community, engage in activism, and so on. Getting into a good college would also be nice.

My hope for 2021 is to not overthink as much and to improve myself in anyway I think is needed.

My goal for 2021 is to get good grades and to stay safe.

I hope Covid doesn't get as bad as it was last year and my family to stay safe

I hope that I will be able to spend more time with my friends and for my friends and family to stay safe.

Is to be able to enjoy the simple pleasures of the smell of the air and the grass and just being in society and also just the ability to travel this summer.


  • See updated program requirements below. Note that for this school year, there is no middle school community service requirement.
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