Espanol y Cerebro

Delaney Wolfe, sept 4, 2015

Critical Period

Eric Lenneberg made up this process 1967.


Language two is best learned between age 2 and puberty.

Lateralization: When each side of the brain develops specialize funtions.

YOUNGER: Same spot for both languages

OLDER: Different spot for both languages

Laterialization completes puberty.

Young learners (before 5)

Otherwise known as native speakers.

They will likely develop native-like accent. Less learn considered proficient like to recive comprehensibe input.

Older learners (5 and older)

Consciously stractegies to aid learning knowledge language 2 to draw from a greater control input.


Proficiency--Grammatical, social, discourse, strategic complete.

BICS-- Basic Interpersonal Commication Skills

2-3 years-- understand social

4-10 years-- Read, write, speak, listen academic

Early speech Production

  • Motivation
  • Age
  • Access to language
  • Personality
  • Language development
  • Quality of instruction
  • Cognitive ability