Innovative Update

1.11.16 Weekly Update and Support

Leverage Leadership Core Idea, pg. 35


How a leader uses the time he or she spends analyzing the assessments with teachers is what dictates the results.

As you continue to analyze the 2Q NWEA data with teachers, please consider the quote above from Leverage Leadership. The credence leaders give to assessments transfers to staff and students. In my observations last week, I heard repeatedly from teachers that students took this second round of assessments more seriously because they understood the importance and relevance.

Upon hearing from you as school leaders, that NWEA shows a progression of growth over time and has a usefulness to drive instruction, in turn teachers showed students their points of growth and individual goals for Q2. Subsequently light bulbs went off in students' heads - this test matters and shows if I'm learning and achieving my goals. This transference of knowledge is a direct result of your leadership.

Leaders, continue to promote Data Driven Instruction [DDI]. Keeping in mind, however, that ALL stakeholders need to own the data. Not only do teachers need to understand the importance of data, they need to become proficient in gathering and analyzing it as well!

DDI SUPPORT - NWEA Quintile Report