Villano 6th Grade Genius Hour Fair

Come Meet Emerson's Best & Brightest

Genius Hour Fair

Friday, Feb. 21st, 1:30-3pm

Patrick M Villano Elem School, Emerson, NJ, United States

Emerson, NJ

Come learn from our 6th graders as they share their passions: Origins of the Universe, Time Travel, Fashion, Football, Website Development, Animation, the Truth Behind the Chupacabra and so much more. Any questions contact Mr. Gordon at

What is Genius Hour?

What would you study if you could study anything? What is your passion? What questions do you have? The 6th Graders at Villano have been working on their solutions to these questions since the fall. This fair will be their opportunity to show something that will make the world dance.
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Genius Hour Fair Schedule

1:30 - Welcoming Remarks

1:40-2:50 - Students Share and Rotate Through Fair

2:55 - Closing Remarks

3:00 - Cleanup & Laptop Return