Islamic Revolution

By Dustin Parsons

The types of Muslims in Iran

The types of muslims are Sunni's and Shia's. The Sunni's make up the majority of Muslims, but the Shia's saw themselves as the party of oppression standing up against the wealthy and powerful and fixing the social justice standard that was sent by the prophet.

The Shaw

Mohammad Reza Shaw, was the Emperor of Iran from 1967 to 1980 (during the time of the revolution). He holds unlimited power with his cut throat leadership and manages to hold his power with huge amounts of censorship, arrests, and torture, but brings economic wealth with the plentiful supply of oil, but the people want culture and less money.

The Revolution

The revolution was kickstarted because of the lack of jobs for college graduates and was put into action because of their lack of culture and push for oil. Once the people protested the Shaw sent officers and many people were killed but instead of the protesters to flee they grew in size. During the revolution most memorable moments were when they burned american flags and took hostages in american embassy.