This Week

math and field trip

Wednesday 10/14

We will have a mid-module assessment in Math this Wednesday. You can help your child prepare by looking over all of the lessons in module 2. They need to know how to tell time to the minute, answer questions regarding start time, end time, and time that has passed. They need to be able to read measurements on a spring scale, compare weights and capacities, and answer questions about comparison. Today, I gave them a review page and we did some in class. You can help your child by giving them the same type of questions at home; just change the numbers! Remember, they should circle and label all answers, as well as be able to explain their thinking in a sentence when asked.

Our field trip to the DeAnza Planetarium is Thursday. Please wear class t-shirt! We are leaving school at 9am and will return in time for the 1:15 minimum day dismissal.