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Hey iGIP!

Brace yourselves, November is ending! We have 2.5 weeks left to raise all those teaching TNs before we shift product focus. What are you doing everyday that will lead you to your goals? We are called Generation Bold for a reason. Let's make GIP fly!

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Love, Jules


Let the games begin!

On November 21, AIESEC Peru is undertaking a huge challenge and adventure: The Amazing Race, AIESEC Peru edition! This is a national initiative to increase the efficiency rate of iGIP and book more meetings so we can raise more TNs! The goal: book as many meetings as you can! You WILL NOT have the meeting on the day itself. All you need to do is SCHEDULE a meeting for the following week or so.

What do you need to do? Every entity must form a team of 3-5 members with at least 1 non-iGIP member. Select a team name and select a team leader. I'll see you on November 21! Read the Amazing Race booklet for more information.

Booklet: http://issuu.com/juliafullflightchu/docs/the_amazing_race

May the odds be ever in your favor.


What is this?

We are recruiting a team of national sellers. We're looking for non-AIESECers and I need your help! I'm looking for 5 people who have the potential to be great sellers and I need you to INVITE them to join us!

Things to do:

1. Change your cover photo to The Calling

2. Invite 2 of your friends who you think would be good sellers and give them this letter: http://issuu.com/juliafullflightchu/docs/the_calling_invitation_letter

3. Tell me the names of the two people you recommended:https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1f-ykmYku3HUrQkG5rbQkxDcSyXU3NtdTbrBn-I1InQs/viewform




Last week's analysis showed a great improvement with 7 pipelines on green. This week, we are down to 4. At this point in time, we cannot afford to have this kind of fluctuating performance. Good pipeline one week and stagnant accounts the next. WE CANNOT PUT OUR PARTNERS ON HOLD.

We have 2.5 weeks left in November. This week, all the accounts should turn to green. No excuses. Life does not wait for us to finish our exams, deal with our personal issues or for our schedules to get less busy. It's now or never guys! If you are having trouble setting meetings, please sit down with your VPs and ask for help on how to be more effective. You may also schedule meetings with me!


iGIP Team Building

Call for ideas!

Where do you want our iGIP Team Building to be?

What do you want to do during our iGIP team building?

Who wants to help me plan it? I need one volunteer! <3

For those who haven't answered it yet, please answer this form before Friday, 11:59pm:https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1iitBxb7sDYbUmIyWZLR0VJmwXLRoaHyslSlZX7ZMFeE/viewform

iGIP Weekend Outputs

1. New Training for new members: Who else wants to help facilitate and deliver sessions? So far, I have two volunteers, Ernesto and Valery. I need at least 1-2 more people :)

2. Area meetings: network meetings with everyone present every two weeks! What do you think? This will happen virtually and in person if we can manage everyone's schedules.

3. Market Research: CLPA to share information with us on their format for market research. Also, please email us with your feedback for the market research:julio.benitez@aiesec.net and julia.chu@aiesec.net

4. Calling Cards and synergy points with corners


Attend Match Like Never Before Webinars happening THIS WEEK!

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