April 8, 2016

Module 9 will be due and tested April 11th!

Tasks of the Day!

#1. Begin lesson 4 by reviewing the notes on Theories of Emotion. Review the information in the presentation. Once you have completed the presentation, check the button to the right of the lesson link. That will open the practice activities and the assignments and quizzes for the lesson.

#2. Complete the Theories of Emotion practice activities.

#3. Complete the Theories of Emotion assignment. In this assignment you will connect the theories covered in the lesson to a visual representation. Be creative!

#4. Sometimes we need more time on certain topics. The Take Two section is optional but is a great form of review if you struggled with any concepts from the lesson. Use this section to refresh and relearn the material.

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Feeling All the Feels: Crash Course Psychology #25

Living with a toddler is like living on a never ending emotional roller coaster everyday. These are the many emotions of Giavanna.