IL and the Law, Ethics & Diversity

Chapters 15-16

Brown vs. Board of Education, 60 Years Later

Discussion Topic

A charter school that recently opened in Manhattan would like to reserve 50% of its spots for students of color in order to ensure that the school is racially and ethnically diverse. A white student who was denied a spot at the charter school challenged that charter school’s diversity plan. Are such plans permissible?

Discussion Question

A student who is receiving services under IDEA for attention deficit disorder and for emotional behavioral disorder was caught by school officials spray painting the side of the school after school hours. School officials wanted to suspend this student for two weeks. The student’s parents argued that his conduct was related to his disability and that he could not be suspended for more than ten days.

When must school officials engage in a manifestation determination?

How is it determined whether the disability is related to the conduct?

Autistic boys parents sue state for better treatment plan
Nichols v. Lau