Mogul Empire

By: Gavin Quirarte

Top Five achievements

1. Moguls brought a new era of unity to India, people brought advanced weapons, artillery, and captured Delhi.

2. British ships carried Indian-made cotton goods to the East Indies.

3. Babur was the first use of canons in India which he countered the Sultanate's elephants.

4. The economy did well, but not the poor. Money makers benefited a road system and a currency throughout the country.

5. The Mughals develop the Urdu and Hindi languages.

Catchy Slogan

We may not be natives from India, but we are sure to win in a fight during war with anyone.

Mogul Empire's Attacks #1

Moguls are better than the Safavid because Safavid converted Turkish tribes into the Ottoman Empire, while the Moguls practice Hindu.

Mogul Empire's Attacks #2

Another reason is because Safavid conquered Baghdad in 1508 and Moguls never took over of any countries, but they took territories.
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