HTML helpsheet

By Tilly Attrill

What does it stand for?

HTML stands for- Hyper Text Markup Language.


CSS is a stylesheet, it adds style to the page like coloured fonts and backgrounds!


Tags are used to tell the page what to do for example-

<marquee> Makes the text go across the page

<h1><h2> and <h3> Make the text go different sizes

<p> Creates a new paragraph

<title> Inside this tag is what's in the title at the top of the screen

These are the basic tags


Multimedia is things like photos and Videos-

To insert a video from YouTube you can go to the video you want and......


Every colour has a different number tag thing for example

#364ec9 is blue

#00FF00 is lime green

#FF0000 is red

#FFFF00 is yellow

#8000FF is purple


To add a picture you