Who Am I

By Joshua Maze

Who am I

Hi, My name is Josh Maze my real name is Joshua but I dont like going by that name. I learn better if I can touch what im working with. Im a real confedent and I strive for doing things right. Im really tall and im strong, and I love football, and soccer.I thenk that my tallness and strongness will help in my career

Where I'm Going

My Career as a counselors would be talking to people that have problems in there lives. My salary is around 66,240 dollars, My job out look is 12% (average). My work environment and schedule is full time sometimes summers off. The cluster that a counselor is in is the Human Services. That you get to hear about others problems and trying to help others

How to get there

When I get out of high school I'll take a little break off of school but then I will go to the University of Washington and try to get a masters degree. Its located in Seattle, I chose this collage because I love Seattle and it just seems like a good place to live.Its far away from home. Its around 70,000 dollars, some scholarships that i would be interested in would be an academic and a football scholarship.