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September 5, 2015

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You are all awesome!

I appreciate your patience and perseverance through this first week of NWEA testing. Everyone pitched in and helped things run as smoothly as they could. I appreciate each and every one of you! THANK YOU!!!!

Speaking of testing...

This week will begin the math portion of NWEA. :) If you need help assigning the math test for your class, Robert or Melissa will be happy to help you!

Also, please do not assign any new tests or surveys until the previous session is complete.

Week in Review

Where are we with IB?

I met with Dr. Woodworth and Dr. Metcalfe this past week to discuss our next steps to be an IB Early Years school.

Our next step is to form a steering committee to begin the training process. This committee would be made up of 6-8 people, including Karen and myself, who are willing to bring back the information we gain about IB to our entire staff. Here are the first steps for these people:

1. Visit a school in Washington Township in Indy who is implementing IB. They have similar demographics as West Goshen. Karen has contacted the principal and we are looking at planning a day in early October.

2. Take part in the first phase of training in Indy on November 14-16.

If you are interested in being on this steering committee, please send me an e-mail ASAP. My goal would be to get a mix of teachers! I will put the committee together based on the e-mails I receive!

TLT focus

Last week, we analyzed some walk through data we collected to identify some trends we are noticing in the indicators of questioning, standards/objectives, and activities/materials. Our data is showing that the level of questioning is increasing throughout our building! Way to go! We then took our analysis a step further to compare it with the rigor of our standards and upcoming STI 6 week window tests. Aimee is going to be including information from our analysis of these pieces in cluster this coming week!

This week we are going to look at the data that TAP has provided for us (i.e., NIET site review data, TELL survey data) to set some goals for our TLT this year.

If you haven't already...

...send a text message:

To: 81010
In the text box type: @westgosh

to be included in our West Goshen reminder group. This came in handy last Monday for our 2 hour delay. Those signed up got the message before the news stations and social media. If you need help signing up, just ask!

Odds and Ends

Here are a few items for you to take care of if you haven't already:

1. We will have our 1/2 data day on September 21st. K-2 teachers will meet in the morning and 3-5 teachers will meet in the afternoon. Please submit your professional leave forms to Tammy so we can schedule subs.

2. If you haven't sent me your classroom daily schedule, please do soon!

3. If you are new to a classroom or have switched rooms from last year, your voicemail on your phone may not be right. We need to make sure all phones are correct so when parents call to leave a message, they know they are leaving it for the right person! Please check your phone and make sure!

4. Remember to submit your attendance daily!

5. Dr. Woodworth and Dr. Metcalfe will be at WG on September 30th to talk to staff members.

6. The September parent newsletter will be in your mailboxes to send home in Monday (Tuesday) folders. Also school pictures came in - you can send those in these folders, as well!

Discipline Procedures

I wanted to review a few things that we had talked about the first days of school in regards to discipline procedures.

1. Remember that when you send a student to the office he/she should be coming with the white office referral form. This is huge in regards to documentation. Remember that RtI is not only about academics, but behavior, as well. Data needs to also be tracked for behavior. These office referral forms help us keep track of that data.

2. Sometimes we can get frustrated with a student. Please remember to discuss behavior issues with students one on one, not in front of the whole class or group of students. This is how we build trust and relationships!

3. The office staff is very thankful for your classroom procedures you have sent down. They are very helpful when we are talking with students!

News from Central Office


The nice thing about doing something for the first time is that you can only have one first time. The initial difficulties with teachers receiving the email invitation to register with NWEA has been corrected. The Destination PD website will continue to be used for trainings around NWEA issues and Mrs. Goodman will be the person overseeing these opportunities. So watch for emails from Regina about the next steps in training. Our NWEA assessments are in full swing and students K-11 are taking these benchmarks. I have heard from a number of teachers and principals that once started students seem to being doing a good job. We are excited to be able to look at and use the benchmark data for student goal setting.

Shelly Sharkey from Transportation:

· Please remember when asking for a bus for a field trip, we cannot guarantee a bus until 8:45 am T-F and 9:15 on Mondays (you can request earlier and we will try our best to accommodate). All trips MUST return by 2:15 at the latest, NO EXCEPTIONS.

· Please remind your teachers that when the driver says they must leave by a specific time in order to be back in time they need to be boarding the bus before that time and ready to leave. At the end of the year last year we had some teachers not show up to the bus until way after their specified time which made the buses extremely late for their own routes let alone having the buses at the school the field trip was taking place at wait for those students.

Spotlight on Amigo

The day at Camp Amigo for our 5th grade students was remarkable. I want to personally thank Ms. Loper, Mrs. Miller, and Mrs. Markham for planning this great day for our students. Also, a huge thank you to all of you who went and helped. Our students tried some things that they would probably not have the opportunity to try! When I asked, most of them said canoeing, fishing, and archery were tops on their list of awesomeness! Great day, great teachers, great students!

What's going on?

September 7th:
No School

September 8th:
Late arrival
7:30 - meet in the TAP room - we will be looking at NWEA reports
3:00 - Grades 3-5 cluster

September 9th:
3:00 - Grades K-2 cluster

September 10th:
Kindergarten team and Lori at "Tools of the Mind" training all day
3:00 - TLT meeting
6:30: EL Parent Meeting

September 11th:
8:00-9:30 - "Tools of the Mind" visiting Kindergarten classes
8:45-10:00 - Lori at Principal's meeting

September dates:
14th: 6:00 - Board Meeting; 6:30 - WG PTO meeting
15th: TLT getting trained on Close Reading (TAP room) all day
24th: 8:00-10:00 - Lori at District TLT meeting
25th: 2-4:30 - Lori at District Master Teacher Meeting
29th: 6:00 - Board Meeting
30th: Dr. Woodworth and Dr. Metcalfe at West Goshen

Enjoy your long weekend! You deserve it!

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