La Crescent Hokah Elementary News

Monthly Newsletter October 2019

We Need Your HELP!

  • It is coming to our attention that there are some groups of students that are rallying 'mean kids clubs' to exclude others or divide friend groups. These behaviors are absolutely NOT the "Lancer Way". We are inclusive, kind, and respectful at our school. Please talk to your child about the "Lancer Way" (Respectful, Responsible and Safe), and other ways in which you can help teach positive, inclusive play at home too. Thank you! Mr. Copp

  • Students should be dropped off at school no earlier than 7:35 unless they are attending Kids' Company or breakfast.

  • Please remember to return any leveled reading books (with color tag on the spine) each day to school, we need these books to rotate around to all students. Be sure to check that your student is reading, or being read to 30 minutes at home each day! Together, we can help reach our reading goals!

Save the Date

November 4th: No School-Teacher Inservice

November 6th: Picture Retakes

November 27: No Read Live

November 28-29: Thanksgiving Break

Families Connect...

  • Go classic! Have everyone in the family trace one of their hands and color in their “turkey.”
  • Write thank you notes as a family to people in your world (pastors, teachers, neighbors, etc.).
  • Record a video of your kids doing their best impression of a turkey. Send it to someone who could use a good laugh..
  • Place a pad of Post-Its and a pen by a mirror for family members to write what they are thankful for and then stick to the mirror throughout the month.
  • Have your kids cut out pictures of Thanksgiving foods from grocery store flyers and glue the pictures to a paper plate.
  • Leave a bag of popcorn in the mailbox for the mail carrier with a note that says, “We just had to POP in to say we are thankful for you! Happy Thanksgiving!”
  • Visit the library and check out books related to Thanksgiving.
  • Make simple bird feeders – roll pinecones in peanut butter and then birdseed. Hang from a tree branch with yarn.
  • Make a turkey trap on the night before Thanksgiving.
  • Walk around the neighborhood and write thank you messages with chalk on the sidewalk. Example, “Thank you for being YOU!”

News from the Classrooms

From the Teachers:

Preschool: Our classroom has been studying farms this month! We have learned about animals that live on farms, crops that can be harvested and what a farmer's day might look like.

3K started out the month learning all about fire safety. We practiced fire safety and had a visit from the fire department. The last part of the month we transitioned into learning about fall. We have a farmer's market set up in the classroom, all kinds of fall artwork being done and learning what happens at this time of year.

Kindergarten: Language Arts: Now that we have learned our letters, we are focusing on letter sounds with the help of our alphafriends! We are also sounding out or stretching out words to determine the beginning, middle, and ending sounds!

Math: The kids are really excited to be learning how to skip count, so we are learning about doubles and counting by 2's.

Theme: Early in October, we went to the Fire Safety while learning about safety! Now, we are doing a lot of fun activities with pumpkins, bats, and spiders!

1st Grade: Students have been using word work stations. The stations included spelling their words using shaving cream, wikki sticks, and a dice bingo game!

2nd Grade: The second grade classes have been studying matter in Science during the month of October. Students experimented with the three states of matter and observed the flexibility of solids, the viscosity of liquids, and how gas can fill a space. A favorite activity was learning about polymers during the making of slime.

3rd Grade: Third graders have been working on Power Goals in reading. We will be transitioning to subtraction fact practice in November. Students have finished or are finishing their personal timelines-they have been so much fun to read! Be sure to check them out on our lockers.

4th Grade: Students are changing classes for science and social studies. Social studies classes are learning about the Northeast Region. Science classes are learning about Germs. In math, we are learning about arrays and how to multiply to find the area. During reading, we are in our 3rd unit learning about theme!


Kindergarten has been working on long and short sounds. We even had fun with some bells and slinkies.

1st Grade just finished up hearing beat and no beat. We are beginning to read long and short notes.

2nd Grade has been learning about whole and half notes and rests.

3rd Grade finished up the playing of their homemade instruments and are now working to read rhythm patterns independently. Our newest note and rest is the single eighth.

4th Grade has been seeing the mathematical relationship between a whole, half, quarter, eighth and sixteenth note. We have begun learning how to count them in beats of 4.

Art: In art class students have been working on a Square 1 art project. Each student will receive a sheet of stickers for free. I am very excited for them to see their work printed.

Kindergarten flowers were inspired by O'Keefe.

1st grade oil pastel hearts were inspired by Romero Britto

2nd grade cupcakes were inspired by Wayne Thiebaud

3rd grade sunflower were inspired by Van Gogh

4th grade letters were inspired by Romero Britto

Physical Education: In Physical Education class elementary students just finished their fitness and fitness testing unit. During this unit students learned about the fitness concepts of: muscular strength, muscular endurance, cardiovascular endurance, body composition, and flexibility. Students will be starting their cooperative games unit at the end of October.

The Lancer Way

Respect has been our October school wide monthly theme. Students have been practicing respectful behaviors in the classrooms and throughout the school. At our October assembly,

September students of the month were recognized for Self Control! Congratulations Wyatt Dean, Maggie Schwartzhoff, Annah Strom,Taylor Malott, and Izaiah Stinson!

November's theme is Responsibility. We will focus on different ways to be responsible in our class, school, homes and community!

Please take a few minutes to respond to the Lancer Way survey sent home via email last Friday. The Lancer Team would like your feedback to make our program even stronger for our students!

LanceMart has opened for the year! LanceMart is a offered once a month to students to "spend" their Lancer Shields. We have pencils, notebooks, and other items that students can trade their Shields for. Be sure to ask your child about LanceMart!


From Mr. Copp:

WARM WEATHER GEAR: With the colder weather please make sure your students are dressed appropriately. Students play outside in the morning and for recess and should be dress for the colder weather, coats, hats, gloves, pants, and appropriate footwear. We recommend parents put their child's name in jackets, snow pants, mittens and hats - so misplaced items can be returned.

LOST AND FOUND: Please periodically check the lost and found in our downstairs cafeteria to claim items. Please note that at the end of each season, and end of the year any items not claimed will be donated to charity. Thank you.


Students entering the building after 8:00 am will be considered tardy. Tardiness for reasons other than emergencies will be considered unexcused. For example, running late, overslept, etc. Tardy students should be accompanied to the office by a parent. If your child is going to be late, please call ahead and notify the office personnel. Thanks for your cooperation! Office Hours - School year office hours are 7:30am to 3:30pm.



  • The Great Green Run and Roll was another huge success. Students raised over $22,000! Congrats to Ryder Olson, Taylor Holten and David Odom, our top three fundraisers. Great job by all!
  • The fall Book Fair went great. Thank you to all who volunteered.
  • If you would like to volunteer with PTO please send an email to A member of the board will reply with opportunities.
  • Note: PTO meetings are moving to the first Thursday of each month beginning November 7th. Meetings are from 6:00-6:45 PM in the Elementary Media Center.