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"Pearls of Wisdom" May 6, 2016

Lots to read!

We have tons of fun in this newsletter. So much that we thought we might run out of Internet. We hope you'll peruse all that we have in this week's "Pearls of Wisdom"!

'Phone-ing it in?

A great big thank you goes out to Mr. Randy Miles, a parent from Miss Smith's third grade class! Mr. Miles visited Miss Smith's class and explained how to make sound with an alto saxophone. He played songs and showed where the sound comes from and how to make the pitches sound higher or lower. The children loved his presentation!

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Third-graders in Mrs. Takacs' class learned the relationship between length and pitch. They had a lot of fun, made a lot of noise, and learned some awesome Science.

1st Day School Supplies

Pearl Buck Elementary has partnered with 1st day School Supplies to provide parents with the convenience of ordering school supplies online and having them shipped directly to Pearl Buck for the start of the 2016-2017 school year.

Supply kits are filled with items common to homerooms in each grade level. You do not need to know your child's 2016-2017 teacher. If you order, your child will have his or her supplies waiting within their classroom on the first day of school. You may begin to place your orders now. All orders are due by June 30, 2016.

This is not a fundraiser, and participation is OPTIONAL. More information will be headed your way over the next month.

Give and Take Jugglers Astound

The juggling troupe of Give and Take Jugglers visited Pearl Buck last Friday. To the amazement and pure joy of our students and staff, this group of professional jugglers provided an exciting end to three weeks of PSSA testing. Just take a look at the wonderful pictures (thanks Mrs. Takacs!) and you'll get an idea of how much fun it was.
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Just Dali-ing around

Who has a wild imagination? Students in Mrs. Junod’s second grade class read about Salvador Dali and his wild imaginative art work. They were wild about how creative Dali was with his own mustache. We “mustache you”, do we look good, or what?!

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Captain Nemo, is that you?

The Adventure Aquarium was the site of this year’s 3 Grade field trip. The students, along with the wonderful parent volunteer chaperones, toured the aquarium on Thursday. Some of the favorite stops were The Hippo Haven (did you know those large mammals are herbivores?), Shark Tunnel (walking through a tank surrounded by sharks), and if they were brave enough, The Shark Bride (a bridge suspended over the shark tank). The penguins were visited by the groups and some students have become experts in making penguin noises….ask them to demonstrate! Hands were in tanks touching starfish, stingrays, and even sharks! Thanks to the Pearl Buck PTO for arranging this trip.

Did you know....?

Some important things to ponder. Answers appear at the bottom.

  • I am weightless, but you can see me. Put me in a bucket, and I'll make it lighter. What am I?
  • How many 4 legged animals can jump higher than a house?
  • The person who invented it doesn't want it. The person who bought it doesn't need it. The man who needs it doesn't know it. What is it?

Thanks for taking a few minutes to see what we did over the last week or so at Pearl S. Buck!

- a hole.

- all of them. A house can't jump.

- a coffin.

Thanks for reading our newsletter!