Musclar system

By Marc Talamantes


Have you ever questioned yourself....what would happen if I didn't have a muscular system? Well your lucky that your reading this. A muscle is an organ that holds your bones together and helps them move.

Structures and Functions

How do muscles move bones and joints? Tendons (ten-duns) are attached to your muscles and bones. Your ligaments (lig-u-ments) are like a rubber band and they can stretch like one too. Your muscles can not bend so they pull on your tendons to pull on your ligaments to move your bones and joints.

The pictures of the parts of the muscular system


The muscular system helps and protects every system.One of them is the circulatory system.Your heart is a cardiac muscle (kar-dee-ak) Your rich oxygenated blood can't travel through your body by itself!!!!The digestive system is also one of the systems the muscular system helps.Your body can't attack or break down food by itself! It needs a smooth muscle (smoo-th).


Over the years scientists have discovered more about the human body systems....but so can you. If you do want to help then you better hurry up because the world is waiting to know.

Fun Facts

  • The eye is the hardest working muscle.
  • It takes 17 muscles to smile and 42 to frown.
  • You have over 630 muscles.