The Relationship Bank Account

The 7 Habits Of Highly Effective Teens

Summary of The Relationship Bank Account

In this chapter of the book you will improve your knowledge on how to build better Relationships. The Relationships I am focusing on are with your friends, siblings, parents or guardian, girlfriend or boyfriend and even your teachers. Some people may think you have a good relationship already but this chapter will help you further build it. This chapter states that to build a good relationship you can keep promises. When they say keep promises they mean that you should not break any promises. Another way to improve your relationship is to do small acts of kindness. When he says this he means to help people out. Some of the smallest things can make someone's day. To improve you relationship you can also be loyal. To be loyal you can not tell lies. Just be honest with the people you are improving your relationship with. Another way to improve your relationship is to listen. To listen means to be an attentive friend. You can also say you're sorry to your friend. If you say you're sorry they might actually think that you care. Setting clear expectations will also improve your relationship. If you do this you can kind of expect what the outcome will be. The last way to improve your relationship is that you can challenge yourself. If you challenge yourself you can improve almost everything you want to improve. These are some ways the book says you can improve your relationship. So this is the summary of The Relationship Bank Account.


Covey, Sean. “The Relationship Bank Account.” The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens: Fireside, New York, NY, 1998, pp. 131–145.