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Which Country is More Developed?

I picked the United States of America and India to compare. The literacy rate in the U.S. is 99%. Also the GDP per capita is 53,041.98. The life expectancy is about 79 years. In India the literacy rate is 63.82%. Also the GDP per capita is 1,498.87. The life expectancy is about 66 years. Overall I think the U.S.A. is more developed because overall it has better statistics.

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1.Odissi is a dance in India.

2.Buddism is a religion in China.

3.Aboringines were the first ones to come to Australia.

4.Kimichi is a food from Korea.

5.The language in Brazil is Portuguese.

6.Typical housing in Kenya is a mud hut.

7.This is a Spanish cape from Spain.

8.North Korea is under Dictatorship.

9.Nowuz is the Iranian New Year.

10.Egytian Kebabs is a popular food.

I am so different from everyone because I do/celebrate none of these things.

*Not all of this information is up to date.