CtR Classroom #112

What is happening in Mrs. Nester's Class?

Monkey Binders

Monkey Binders will be coming home for the first time this afternoon. They include some tools you can use to keep up with what is going on in class and some additional tools for the students to use when they need to for homework. Please take a few moments to familiarize yourself with the binders. They will travel back and forth with your students daily. If there are questions about them, please save them for open house and I will address them when we are all together.


Every week we will tackle 8 new sightwords from the list provided in your Monkey Binder. Students should use those 8 words and the spelling menu, located just behind them, to practice 3 times per week.

So, for this week, the words will be numbers 1-8 (the - you).

Additionally, you will find a reading log in the "pink" pocket. Please read with your child and fill in the name and let them color the appropriate monkey.

Math homework will come home soon, in the meantime I am sending home "dot math". Please have your child cut the squares apart and then start using them as flashcards. The faster they can recognize how many dots are on each one, the faster that image will stay with them.

What's Going On In Class

Math :: We've been working on addition and taking some of the equations to an Algebraic level, where students are asked to come up with the missing number. We've worked with several types of counters in doing so and they are seeming to be doing well. We start our day with math, for what it's worth :)

Science :: In science we're talking about what science is and what a scientist does. We've begun to build vocabulary like "inquiry" and "observation".

Social Studies :: We're looking at what is a citizen and what makes a good citizen.

Religion :: We've begun the creation story and have been looking at what are some of our favorite creations from God.

Language Arts :: Our focus this week has been nouns. What are they and sorting them in their appropriate categories. Then, we used our journals to come up with sentences that include the nouns we discovered.

We spent this week playing with letters. What letters make what sounds? What happens if I put some letters together? What if I put some numbers in there too, is it still a word? In writing, we've started working in our journal, mainly just to let them get the feel for it. We'll focus more on writing and the conventions of it soon.

Open House @ CtR

Thursday, Sep. 10th, 6-7:30pm

11507 Huffmeister Road

Houston, TX

Come enjoy the environments in which your children spend their days learning. Come meet and greet new parents and students. See what they've been doing so far in class and ask any questions you might have of the staff.