Hinduism is the oldest way of living. It started in India three thousand years ago by the Aryans. They thought it was a plan where villagers could live and work together. The main parts about Hinduism is karma,reincarnation,dharma. There were five main caste (Brahmin,kashatriya,varshya,shudra,untouchables). They could move up a level if they followed all the rules and prayed to there God,and hopefully you reach moska
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The History of Hindu India, Part One: From Ancient Times


Buddism was started by Siddhartha. It started around 528 BC. The religion arose in India. Siddhartha's father was a chef. When he was 29 he left his family for a simple life. A few years later he returned with a number of followers,followers that devoted their life's to "The Middle Way". He spent time searching who he was until he sat under a tree for 49 days and then he got his answer he wanted to be called the Buddha
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What Is Buddhism?


Hanfeizi was the founder of Confucianism. It Started in 551 BC. Was in China. Younger siblings had to respect their older siblings and parents. They couldn't travel far from their family. Also when they got older they had to take care of their parents.
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Discovering China - Confucius


Abraham started Judaism and thousands of years later Moses took over and lead him and the Jews out of slavery. All of this took place in Egypt. One day God spoke to Moses and made a set of rules for the people to follow so they could reach their highest point.
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Facts about Judaism


The founder of Islam was Muhammad. The holy book the people followed was the Quran. Muslims are spread all over the Middle East. For example some people went to Persia. They Believed in the five pillars. One example was praying five times a day. They practiced praying toward Mecca. The code of conduct was to follow the five pillars. If they followed the five pillars the people believed they would be sent to God the final resting point.
Islam, the Quran, and the Five Pillars All Without a Flamewar: Crash Course World History #13


The founder of Christianity was Paul. Their holy book was called the bible. It started in Jerusalem. It had spread to places like Egypt. They believe in one God. They practiced praying to one God. Their code of conduct was not to be hypocrites and pray. Their final resting point was heaven