The Oily Outlook

May 2016| Empowering Your Oily Journey

May Musings

Spring is here! The grass here in Illinois is finally green, plants are in full bloom, and my toes even came out to hug my flip flops a time or two. :) Spring means summer is right around the corner. My guess is, you've got some goals you've had in mind for summer. Maybe a health goal, maybe a swimsuit goal, maybe a relaxation goal, maybe a house goal... whatever they are, let's meet them together! This month we're going to find ways to help you breathe easy and relax, put on that swimsuit, run that 5k, kick that seasonal sniffle, etc. We've got a team of people ready to help you use your oils to their highest potential. So, let's talk. And let's do this!

This Month's Faves

A Gift for YOU!

Check out the quick video below for some tips on how to use your oils well within your budget, and find out about a gift coming your way!
May Essential Rewards Excitement!

May Promotions

Wowza! Have you seen this month's freebies yet? This may be the best I've seen yet! That diffuser has me head over heels... I recently bought a second diffuser for my daughter's room so I didn't have to keep moving mine. Her sleep (and mine!) became so much less interrupted! I plan to use this month's FREE diffuser in my own room. Woohoo! And I've had my eye on that ART Skincare Line since the beginning. I can't wait! These PV levels are a bit high, so consider these things:
  • Add on a Mother's Day gift or baby shower items
  • Ask friends & family if they'd like to try an oil or two... they'll get the oils and YOU get the points :)
  • Consider the Ningxia Red or Thieves Essential Rewards kits. These are packaged at a lower price than buying separately, and have great uses!
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We Ditched...and Switched!

The month of April was full of learning! Many of you joined us over on Facebook to participate in Ditch & Switch. This month-long campaign shared information about the toxins in many conventional products, and educated us with ways to replace these items using pure, simple, and beneficial products! Below are some of the recipes we shared!
You can see a video with more info here!
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Keep it Class-y

Now that you are falling in love with your Young Living Essential Oils & products, you may have friends asking about them! If you would like to host a 101 class or have a fun Make & Take event, I'd be happy to make that happen! You bring the friends, I'll bring the rest! Contact me to chat further details.

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