Famous Scientist Research Project

Due on Dec. 12, 2014

Necessary Components

  1. Description of his/her birth or childhood (1 paragraph)
  2. How they became interested in science *if given (1 paragraph)
  3. Explanation of hardships faced during scientific career (1 paragraph)
  4. Explanation of major experiment or contribution that shaped history (3 paragraphs with 3 pictures)
  5. Awards *if given (listed)
  6. 3-5 minute video about scientist
  7. All information is gathered from reputable sources and listed at the bottom of your smore in MLA format.


Paragraph = 5 complete sentences

Video - can be more than one video which add up to 3-5 minutes long

Great resources come from web address with an ending of ".gov" and ".edu" Many great resources also have dates and authors for when the information was published.

Extra Credit

2 paragraphs describing with factual data on why your scientist is the MOST influential sceintist in history.