Natalie's health GIDE

do you want to live a healthy life?


Food and drinks that have nutrients in them. There are six nutrients.

Carbohydrates good for your body because boty main energy source .

fruits and vegetables have vitamins in them. helps your body grow.

proteins are egg nuts and fish . Fats are oil butters dairy they are good for your body.

Minerals are fruit and juice they are healthy. water is import for your body.

Dietary Guidelines

Did you know that lots of people are over what course they don't know about my platelet?

well i will tell you about it . So you should have fruit and vegetables and dairy and protein . That’s not all you should eat these aloud and you will stay healthy and strong and you will be healthy. it is OK to eat junk food.But you shouldn't. eat them all the time. there is four different kinds of dietary guidelines 1/0 milk and my plate and eat more grans exersize .

Food Lables

Do you read food labels if you don't you should and here's why.

It tells the ingredients. you should look at the serving size it tells you

how much you should be eating or you might be eating the right amount

of food or if you don't’ you might be eating twice that amount you

should yous mashing cups or a food skall They are good to have and

in portent . that's why food label are important to read .


  • food label - is a label that in your food.
  • my plate - is a Gide that tell;s you what you should have on your plate .
  • nutrients- is a healthy food
that why diary guidelines and food labels and nuttiness are in portent .