The Ocean Courant Staff Newsletter

Carelot Children's Center ~ November 2022

A message from Holly Bevilacqua, COO

WOW! Your Halloween celebrations looked amazing! I loved seeing all the mini-parties and great costumes! The children always have such a great time.

This time of year is the best time to teach community giving and involvement with your classrooms. The PTO is sponsoring its largest event on November 6th! We are so excited after a 2-year hiatus! One Stop Shopping will have over 65 vendors, food trucks Hungry Bear Taco Truck and K's Kart), a huge door prize table as well as FREE eye screenings for the kiddos. Thanksgiving baskets and our Giving Tree will also begin! Utilize the giving tree event or baskets to teach about giving and not constantly receiving.

We hope you have all had a chance to enjoy the staff calendars. I am working on December, January, and February and will upload them to the website soon. This will assist you with planning within your classrooms and personal lives! If you have ideas for March to June activities, feel free to send me a message on Facebook, email, or give me a call.

I am so proud of the pictures, events, and videos you share with us. It is amazing to see how each of you interprets the lesson themes and how creative you make learning. Keep up the great job and I want you all to know how amazing it is to have you all part of our Carelot family working together to "Build Strong Foundations for a Lifetime of Learning!"

Employee Website

Be sure to utilize the Employee website for reminders, copies of newsletters, training and more!
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Question of the Month:

" What are you thankful for at Carelot?"

Submit answers by clicking the link below by November 25th!

Last Month's Entries: Favorite Fall Activity

Apple orchard visits!!

Apple Picking!

Carving pumpkins!

Apple picking and eating pumpkin muffins

Apple picking and making apple crisp

Decorating the house and painting/carving pumpkins!

Apple picking

My favorite fall activity is apple picking and pumpkin carving!

Pumpkin picking

Making Halloween treats

Go deer hunting

Take my 18 month old son to the apple orchard!

The winner is: Payton from East Lyme - $20 winner!

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This month's incentive- Win !!!


  • Question of the Month: Payton from our East Lyme Center- $20 cash
  • Scarecrow contest-Congrats to . Thanks for all the submissions! You have won a gift certificate to your favorite restaurant or place to sh
  • Thank you letter to fire dept. post on facebook- NO ENTRIES- NO WINNER


  • The biggest event of the year!!!! Decorate the outside of your center for the December Holiday- Get out those lights, decor, etc.... Team building and creativity! Post pictures of your centers by December 3rd!!!
  • Create and Display a Family Turkey in your main hall this month for all classrooms and families to add to.
  • Post or Comment on the staff facebook page- November's winner will receive a Holiday fun surprise treat.
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Health insurance!

Now offering Medical, Dental and Vision

Please watch your email for information! Feel free to contact Holly with questions.

Carelot will cover 50% of your monthly medical premium and 25% of your monthly dental and vision premium!

Licensing reminders from OEC

Medications: Only Medication Certified staff can accept and administer Medications.

First aid kits: Every center/clubhouse program shall have 3 complete first aid kits- 1 in the center, 1 for field trips, and 1 on the playground at all times when children are outside.

Maintenance items: If you see something that needs repair, air vents dirty, dirty or missing ceiling tiles, etc. please inform your site manager or Executive Director immediately.

Cleaners and Toxins: Toxins must be locked up and not in child space...This includes air fresheners, disinfecting wipes, floor cleaners, and whiteboard cleaners.

Infant straps: All infant seats, strollers, high chairs, etc. must have working and clean straps in them at all times.

Sensory Items: Items that are put in your sensory bins/tables must meet the choking size requirements for those under 3. This includes Gel/water beads in toddler sensory - They are considered choking hazards.

Plastic bags: are to be kept out of the reach of children.

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Have you completed your STATE REQUIRED TRAINING?

ALL staff will be required to take a mandated health and safety course. I have provided the link below. The state is tracking this so it is not a Carelot requirement. It will be recorded on CCAC for OEC. Everyone must have this class completed by the summer. The class is 5 hours online training if you hold a CPR/1st Aid and Medication Certifications. If you do not hold all of these certifications, you will be required to take an 18 hour online class. This class MUST BE COMPLETED to work in our program as per the CT OEC.


  • OUTLET COVERS! Please make sure that you have outlet covers in ALL of your outlets!
  • DO NOT put staples into the walls directly. Please use the bulletin boards or removable tape.
  • REQUEST for leaves must be filled out completely and includes requests for extended lunches. Remember to add your 2nd /3rd choice for vacation week requests.
  • Wash your hands throughout the day and follow the handwashing procedure!
  • Teamwork is the KEY!! We cannot succeed if we do not work together as a team! Chip in without being asked– organize the resource area, blow up balls when air is low, clean up a mess you may see…. Working together we can make a difference!
  • Dress Code: Please remember to wear your Carelot Attire and Staff ID Badge at all times! Check out the order form on the staff's Facebook page.
  • A quick reminder to all staff, please remember it’s your job to close your own classroom down at the end of the day. That means taking all your garbage out to the trash, doors, and windows are closed and locked, and no food left out. Let’s work as a team ladies and gentlemen. Happy Fall!!!

Carelot Children's Center

"Building Strong Foundations for a Lifetime of Learning"