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September 2019 Newsletter

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  • Library Closing


  • Introducing Mendeley Workshop
  • Tips and Tricks for PubMed and Finding Full Text

Better Studying

  • Library Rules
  • Standing Desktops
  • Laptops
  • iPads

Faculty Corner

  • Welcome to New (and Returning) Faculty

Fall is always an exciting time at Northwestern as students return to school and we usually get a big influx of new students. That is especially true as we welcome students from the new programs.

This newsletter is put out twice a trimester to update students, faculty and staff on things happening in the library and to occasionally remind you about what you can find here.

As for the current happenings, make sure you look at our upcoming library closures for events. We also have upcoming workshops for you to learn more about citation management and/or searching PubMed.

Faculty, take a look at our faculty corner to learn how we can support your instruction.

Have a great trimester!

Library Closings

The library will be closed on the upcoming dates during the first half of the trimester:

Sep. 26 (Thursday) for Service & Appreciation Day
Oct. 14 (Monday) for Indigenous People's Day/Columbus Day

And if you don't follow our Facebook page, yet, please do so to keep abreast of any upcoming weather-related closures. (Yes, we're close to that time of year again.)

Questions about the schedule? Email us at

Library Workshops

Introducing Mendeley on Monday, October 7th at noon in the library classroom

  • Store literature
  • Change to numerous different citation styles, including AMA, APA, MLA...etc.
  • Insert citations into papers written in Word. Then generate a bibliography.
  • Markup PDFs.....etc

Approximately 30 minutes.

Tips and Tricks to understanding PubMed and finding Full Text Wednesday, Oct. 9th at noon in the library classroom.

  • Advanced Searching in PubMed
  • MeSH terms
  • Full Text Finder extensions
  • Google Scholar

Approximately 30 to 60 minutes depending on questions.

In addition to these times, Krista Jacobson ( will meet with individuals (or small groups) at other times to cover these topics. Email to set up a time.

Better Studying

A Few Library Rules

We do have a few rules as a library which are created to maximize the study experience for the majority.

  1. No meals in the library. Snacks and covered drinks are fine but sandwiches, pizza, the cafeteria lunch...etc. are not. Food someone else ate is usually stinky food to those that didn't partake, especially when containers are left in study rooms. So take a quick study break and eat in the foyer outside of the library.
  2. Be careful with volume. The acoustics in here are similar to a church in that you can be using your normal voice on one side of the library and it'll get amplified to another corner of the library. We have put in sound muting panels in the study rooms but we still request everyone pay attention to the levels of their voices as not loud is probably louder than you think.
  3. Adhere to the "rule of 2 hours per person". If you are alone, the max you can pre-sign a room out for is 2 hours. If you have two people, you can sign up for four hours, 3 can sign up for get the pattern. And you can always sign up for more if the study rooms aren't booked at the end of your booked times but we want to make sure everyone gets a chance to use the rooms.
  4. Follow the "rule of 3 or more" for the larger study rooms. Rooms 8 and 9 are bigger study rooms and are meant for bigger groups to use for studying. Groups of 3 or more will get priority. If you are an individual in those rooms and a group needs it, you may be asked to move to another study room (assuming there is another one available.)

Stand Up Desktops

The stand up desktops donated by Student Senate are available for checkout in the library. There is one on display on the information desk if you'd like to see what they look like. You may take them anywhere in the building as long as you return them to the library. Technically, the checkout period is for two hours but if you need it longer, it's usually not a problem.

Liability: By checking out and using the desktops, you are responsible for the safety of any items you put on it if the desktop malfunctions. It won't but if it does... catch!


Just a reminder as we head deeper into the trimester, laptop computers are now available in the library for you to check out.

You MUST have an ID (Student ID or Driver's License) in order to check them out.


In addition to the laptops, we now have five iPads you're able to check out for exams, note taking or even clinical shifts if needed. They do need to be returned to the library before the library closes, however.

Welcome New (and Returning) Faculty

We wanted to dedicate this section to (re)introducing a few of the services the library has available to faculty.

Faculty Study Room

There's a quiet room in the library full of books on teaching and learning that can be checked out by anyone. There's also a computer with software such as Camtasia Studio and SoftChalk. Ask us for the entry code.


We can come to your class, be embedded in your online courses to assist with research questions, or create videos on topics related to searching, information literacy/EIP, citation management...and more.

To Answer Questions About

  • How to search
  • Accessing full text of articles and/or interlibrary loans
  • Copyright
  • Citations/Citation Management Software
  • NWHSU history
  • And more

Please feel free to email the library ( with any questions and a librarian will get back to you.

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