Orana Catholic Primary School

Week 5, Term 4, 2020



Respect is an attitude of caring about people and treating them with dignity. Respect is valuing ourselves and others. We show respect by speaking and acting with courtesy.


Dear God,

Help us to listen to, respect and appreciate the history, culture and achievements of the First Nations People.

Thank you for opportunities all around us to learn the ways of our nation's first peoples, which are precious and important to all life in this Country.

With your love and spirit, let us walk together in unity, peace and harmony on this precious land.


From the Principal's Desk

Dear Parents and Carers,


I wish to congratulate Grace, Abigail, Andreas and Nicolas who received Honour Awards at Assembly this morning. The listed students have been recognised for demonstrating outstanding leadership in their support of our Orana community. The attributes of empathy, self motivation and perseverance to complete tasks where recognised. Most importantly their capacity to put others before themselves is to be commended.


This semester the students of Orana have been conducting units of inquiry to investigate our school global concept of RESPECT. We have a big question to ponder, how do we create a culture of respect? Each year level has been working through our inquiry learning framework of dream, discover, define, design, deliver and debrief to investigate this concept.

Last week I shared the Kindy - Year 2 inquiry focus. This week is all about what the Year 3-6 students are investigating and problem solving.

Year 3

In Year 3 our Essential Question is “How can we respect others, while respecting ourselves?” We came up with questions and surveyed all the year 3 children: Do we have a problem with respect? What problems do we have? How do we make our school a better place? Etc. We presented this data to the group, “Where to now?”. The students presented the following ideas to both classes and will be presenting them to Mrs Bell later this term. We have already seen a remarkable change in the respect that is shown in our classroom, towards our teachers and our friends.

Year 4

The Year 4 students have formulated an essential question “How can we respect elders?”. This question was formulated after a large class discussion and with influence from our HASS programme and Highway Heroes. The students are continuing to inquire and reflect on what respect means, who are our elders (adults, parents, teachers, aboriginal elders, older students, etc) and how they can teach us about respect. The Year 4 students have discovered information from our cultural past and the important messages about respect that Aboriginal Elders share with the community. They then decided to focus closer on the people who they are in direct contact with every day, and how they influence them to show respect. The common theme of elders who demonstrate respect to them was teachers. The Year 4 students have decided to interview students from each year level throughout the Orana school community and ask them a range of survey questions. The questions they wrote will lead their inquiry about the specific actions teachers demonstrate to show respect and see if these actions encourage the students to mirror these actions. We are excited to find out the answers and analyse the data we collect!

Year 5

As future leaders of the school, the Year Fives have taken on the challenge to create a culture of respect. They started by considering why this is a problem across our school and how they could help?

They DEFINED their essential question as How can we be a positive example and influence others to do what is right?

During the DISCOVER phase of the inquiry process they used graphic organisers for remembering positive social and emotional strategies of Highway Heroes and role-played a range of playground scenarios. They were motivated to try new ways of being friendly, accepting refusals and being assertive by setting goals, preplanning and reflecting on the use of appropriate Highway tools.

They will follow the DESIGN process to create a leader’s toolkit with clear positive messages for using the Highway heroes strategies. They will give and receive feedback and make changes before they DELIVER their final product. During the DEBRIEF they will evaluate the process and product and its usefulness for future leaders in the school.

Year 6

The year 6’s are focusing on respectful relationships through the use of the Highway Heroes program. We feel as though developing strong relationships is a big part of the transition into high school. Highway Heroes fosters the skills needed to navigate the world of friendships. We are focusing on the skills to make new friends, choosing them wisely, knowing how to be a good friend, handling conflict and sticking up for yourself in an assertive way.


Weekend of Saturday 28 and Sunday 29 November. If you are keen to participate over this weekend please email me. Emma.bell@cewa.edu.au

We have some generous families who are offering their talents and also resources required for the set up of the room. It is taking shape and will be a welcome addition to our approach in supporting a wholistic and harmonious learning environment for the students of Orana. materials for the Sensory Room have started to arrive and we are getting excited!

Volunteers Sundowner - Wednesday 25 November 5-6pm

A SEQTA notification was sent today inviting volunteers and committee members to a thank you sundowner.

RSVP link https://bit.ly/2TYa8f1


The 2020 AGM will be held on Wednesday, 25 November at 6.30pm.

TERM 4 DATES to REMEMBER for the coming weeks

Year 5 Leadership Day - 16 November

Orana Athletics Carnival - 17 November

Year 6 Confirmation Reflection Day - 18 November

Loreto Mass - 19 November

Junior Assembly - 20 November

Sacrament of Confirmation - 21November and 22 November

CAPPS Interschool Athletics Carnival - 24 November

Guitar Concert @ 6.30pm - 26 November

Senior Assembly - 27 November

Every kind act is a prayer, Blessed Mother Teresa

God bless,

Emma Bell

Short-term Principal


The Week That Was!

Week that Was - Wk 5


This week was NAIDOC week, an opportunity for all Australians to come together to celebrate the rich history, diverse cultures and achievements of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.

This years theme was ‘Always Was, Always Will Be’ It recognises First Nations People as being the first Australians, the first explorers, first farmers, first scientists, first artists well before European contact and settlement. The first footprints on this continent were those belonging to First Nations people.

This years winning poster was deigned by Tyrown Waugana an artist and designer from Perth. He has Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander heritage.

The Rainbow Serpent came out of the Dreamtime to create this land. It is represented by the snake and it forms the shape of Australia. The colours show our connection to the Rainbow serpent and out connection to country. The overlapping colours on the outside is the Dreamtime. The figure inside the shape of Australia represents Indigenous Australians showing that this country always was and always will be Aboriginal land.

Thank your to Mrs Fernando, Miss Mouttet and Mrs Perrigo for the lovely display in the quad area this week. The students had the opportunity to guess the theme and story behind a piece of artwork created by Dr Richard Walley , one of Australia’s leading Aboriginal performers, musicians and writers. He painted this piece 12 years ago for our school, and it tells the story of our land here at Orana. We are hoping Richard will visit us later in the term to tell his story and perform for us. Stay tuned.


Improving a child’s relationship with food from an early age will help ensure that they adopt healthy habits as an adult. The following article will list some ways to help improve a child’s relationship with food.


P & F News


Please remember that the School Disco is TONIGHT! We will start with the Junior Disco from 5 - 6.15 PM, and then the Senior Disco will start, 6.30 - 8 PM.

We are sure all the children will have a great evening!

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