March 10-14

Ireland (and a few more insects)


Language and Literacy:

  • In Letterland this week we will study 'Jj' Jumping Jim and 'Rr' Red Robot. We will manipulate these letter sounds at the start, end, and within words. Correct handwriting format will be taught and practiced for both the lowercase and capital 'Jj' and 'Rr'.
  • The Let's Find Out Magazine Welcome to Ireland!” will introduce us to St. Patrick’s Day which is celebrated next Monday (March 17). Students will read about the county of Ireland and traditional folktales. We will also explore real pictures and color code simple geography landforms on the county’s map.
  • Students will read and have read to them Irish and St. Patrick's Day themed fiction and non-fiction books. We will focus on legends and symbols associated with the holiday.
  • Syllables help students read and write words by making 'chunks'. They will learn how to identify the number of syllables in a word.
  • St. Patrick's Day themed language centers will reinforce the following skills: reading and writing sight words, spelling/ segmenting words (CVC), identifying first sounds of words, and counting syllables in words.
  • Students will make a a mini book retelling the story of the hungry caterpillar by writing missing words within sentences and illustrating the pages.
  • Sight Words: away

Social Studies

  • The United States is being explored by state as we receive post cards from friends and family. For each state, we discuss landforms, US regions, cities, and ways of life unique to the state's weather and landscape. We will continue to Skype people in different states, this Friday, a Boone native living in Louisiana!
  • The culture, geography, and symbols unique to Ireland will be studied as we anticipate St. Patrick’s Day. We will discuss folktales and legend (leprechauns, gold, and rainbows!)


  • Addition (combining numbers): Represent with objects, fingers, mental images, drawings, acting out situations, verbal explanations, expressions, or equations up to 5.
  • Teen Numbers: Recognizing and making representations with ten’s frames
  • Counting to 100: Place numbers in order 1-100 while writing, naming, and rote counting.
  • Graphing- Sort and record shapes in a handful of Lucky Charms!

Field Trip

Friday, March 21st, Kindergarten students will be traveling to Appalachian State University for a county wide musical performance in the morning. We will hear and watch Billy Jonas, an upbeat musician and songwriter from Asheville. Following the performance (10:30am), Bethel Kindergarten classes will spend the day in Boone learning about and experiencing ways of life unique to our town.

Students will tour and learn about healthy foods at Earth Fare, eat a pizza lunch which they are providing for free, and the go on a "hike" along the Greenway Trail. This entire adventure is free of cost! We will return to school before afternoon dismissal (2:30pm). Due to multiple stops and the spatial layout of Earth Fare, this trip does not require a need for parental/guardian chaperones. A permission slip and formal letter will be sent home next week which must be returned by Monday, March 17.

Scholastic Book Club Magazine

Please send to school or submit online a March Book Club Magazine order by Wednesday, March 12 if you wish to purchase a book. If you are ordering online, my classroom account can be found by following the link Please make sure that you send a check as your method of payment if ordering via mail. Scholastic does not accept cash. Thank you for your support and making books an exciting investment for your child.

Dixi Cups

Our classroom does not have a water fountain spout, but we do have a sink. I have provided Dixi Cups (along with another parent) for students to use at the sink if they do not bring water bottles to school. However, our cups have now run out! If you would like to donate cups for our "water station" we would greatly appreciate your generous donation. Thanks!

Snack Schedule

March 10- Trevor

March 17- Coy

March 24- Leftovers

March 31- Merrix

Miss Jenny's Kindergarten

Bethel Elementary- Room 111

"You're off to Great Places

Today is your day!

Your mountain is waiting,

So...get on your way!"

-Dr. Seuss: Oh, The Places You'll Go