Millions of Children Suffering

March, 1905 Written by: Maddie Stites

Millions of children are suffering from child labor and having to work in poor conditions.

Over 1.7 million children are toiled in factories, sweatshops, and mines. These kids are being forced to work 14-16 hours every day and help earn money for their family. They have low wages which is making the kids work. The children would only earn $1 dollar a week. Sometimes work times will stretch to 72 hours leaving the children having little or no time to do anything else like being with their friends or family.
Not only did the children have long working hours and had little time to do anything but work, they also worked in hazardous conditions. In the factories the children are working in very dangerous areas. Each year, as many as 2.7 million years of life are lost due to child labor. This needs to be changed because no child at the age of 14 or younger should be working in hazardous conditions, working long hours, and leaving them little or no time to be with their family. Also with the long hours the children have no time to go to school or have good education.
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