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September 11-15

2023-2024 School Calendar

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Attention all Seniors and Senior Parents!

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CATCH Ministries (Formerly known as FCA)

CATCH Ministries, formerly known as FCA, with David Adams will begin on Friday, September 15th. CATCH will meet on Friday mornings at 7:00 am in the gym.

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Back to School Reminders

Parents, please read the below reminders as we begin the new school year! Thank you for your help in ensuring this is a successful beginning to a new school year! You can also access the entire Parent and Student Handbook here.
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Beginning of the Year Forms

Attention parents! To complete all Beginning of the Year forms, we need to collect parent email addresses. Once we have your email address, you will receive an email from Final Forms with a link to complete all forms. Please submit your email address as soon as possible using the QR code to the right or clicking here.


Senior students who will park on campus can pay $75.00 to paint an assigned parking space in the student parking lot. All designs must be approved before you paint. Visit the front office to pick up an approval form!

Several have asked about the cost for painting; we WILL allow the cost to be split into two separate payments of $45 (up front) and $30 (paid by Jan. 31).

**Just a reminder that students with unpaid fees cannot walk at graduation, so it must be paid in FULL.

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We need YOUR help!

The PCHS Leadership Team met this summer and collaborated to draft two working mission and vision statements. A MISSION statement answers the question, "What is our fundamental purpose? Why do we exist?". A VISION statement captures what we will see as a result of accomplishing our mission (what we hope to achieve).The drafted statements are included below:

Mission Draft #1 - PCHS will support, educate, and challenge all students to achieve their potential.

Mission Draft #2 - To equip and empower all students to maximize their potential.

Vision Draft #1 - Our students will be empowered and employed, enrolled, or enlisted upon graduation.

Vision Draft #2 - Our students will be adaptable lifelong learners who pursue their goals.

You can see actual pictures of the leadership team's work below. We would love to have additional feedback on these drafts from both parents and community members. Click here to provide us with some feedback!

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August/September Menu

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2023-2024 PCHS Faculty

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