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Famous Renaissance Astronomers!

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Famous Astronomical Inventions!

The Telescope

Galileo Galilei was a professor of mathematics. He heard about a devise that was being used in Holland that made use of two curved pieces of glass in tube that would allow a person to see great distances. After hearing this he constructed his own form of this devise called a telescope. This short video clip will greater inform you about that invention.


Church Opposition to Renaissance Astronomy

Religion was a major part of daily life during the Renaissance time period. One of the concepts that the church enforced was the idea of a stationary heaven. They believed that the Earth was the center of the universe and that heaven was stationary. This is why when astronomers began to public works that claimed the Earth to revolve around the sun, the church immediately opposed the idea. The church also banned the reading of controversial books and punished those who wrote them. Copernicus waited until he was on his death bed to publish his books in order to avoid punishment. However Galileo, not being as lucky, was sentenced to house arrest after having to recant his ideas in front of a court system.