Industrial steam cleaners

Industrial steam cleaners

Did You Know that Daimer is a Leading Industrial Steam Cleaner Manufacturer?

If you are looking for an industrial steam cleaner manufacturer look no further than Daimer. There are many steam cleaning manufacturing companies out there, but Daimer’s steam cleaning equipment can not only get the job done better, but faster as well. Daimer offers low pressure vapor steam cleaning machines and very high pressure models. Daimer’s cleaning machines are very durable, easy to use, and up to date on the latest technology. They also use less water than other brands out there, which is useful when water is scarce. Low water use is also a benefit because you will not need to refill the holding tank as frequently as other machines.

There are many different businesses that require regular industrial steam cleaning. Food industries including packaging plants and restaurants need regular steam cleaning as well as mechanical factories, hospitals and doctors’ offices, schools, and many other places as well. Steam cleaning offers a way of cleaning and sanitizing to keep the environment clean and to keep people safe. If your business is looking for an industrial steam cleaning manufacturer click here to see the variety of models Daimer has to offer.

If You Are In Need of an Affordable Industrial Steam Cleaner Check Out Daimer

Whether you are starting up a new business or just looking for a new steam cleaner there is no need to break the bank, Daimer offers affordable industrial steam cleaners that will do the job effectively. Investing in a steam cleaner is a great choice because they can replace many different styles of cleaning and the machines will not need to be replaced over time. If you use chemicals to clean, you will need to keep repurchasing the solutions, and keep enough cleaning supplies on hand such as sponges and scrapers to be able to clean regularly. A steam cleaner however, can clean almost any surface and be used over and over again.

Daimer’s steam cleaning machines are extremely durable and prove that your investment will last for a very long time. Daimer offers payment plans on their steam cleaning machines and offer a lease to own program where no payment is needed for 90 days. If you need an affordable industrial steam cleaner Daimer will have something for you.

Are You In Need Of an Industrial Steam Cleaner For Kitchen Grease?

An industrial steam cleaner for kitchen grease can keep your kitchen looking like those inthe cooking shows on TV. When cleaning kitchens you want to avoid chemicals for obvious reasons. It is not safe to use chemicals in a kitchen environment because they could lead to contamination of foods that people are going to consume. A steam cleaner uses only tap water to effectively clean virtually any surface.

Cleaning ovens and the oven hoods use to be a hard task. There are a lot of strong oven cleaning chemicals that are available, but these are often toxic and can leave a nasty smell lingering. When you are operating a restaurant you do not want to have this nasty smell hanging around as it will deter customers. A steam cleaner designed for kitchens is a lot more eco-friendly than any chemical out there and it will not leave any smell. A steam cleaner removes a lot of the physical effort needed to clean your ovens, as the high temperature and pressure does most of the work for you.

Kitchens can get very dirty and if they are not maintained properly can pose a health risk to consumers. A steam cleaner from Daimer can clean and sanitize a kitchen with ease. Daimer offers specific machines to be used for restaurant cleaning. A steam cleaning machine that is going to be used for kitchen use needs to offer cleaning power strong enough to remove piled on grease. The machine also needs to have an extremely high level of pressure and be able to support high temperature water. These specific machines including the Super Max 7000 offer the highest temperature steam available, and pressure levels that help operators clean even the most challenging of messes.

A wet steam cleaner should be used in kitchens verses a dry steam cleaner. The wet steam is needed to power away grimed on grease and residue. A high temperature is needed to loosen up the stuck on messes, and Daimer offers the highest temperatures in the industry at up to 330 degrees Fahrenheit. An industrial steam cleaner for kitchen grease will help keep your kitchen clean and sanitized, and is available from Daimer.

Are You Aware of All the Uses for an Industrial Steam Cleaner?

You will most likely be shocked to learn about all the uses there are for industrial steam cleaners. You can clean hard floors better with a steam cleaner because they help cut through any film bacteria that sweeping or cloths leave behind. You can also effectively clean windows with a steam cleaner. It can be hard to clean windows by hand because often times you are left with streaks, but a steam cleaner leaves a perfect finish without any streaks whatsoever. Most steam cleaners come with an upholstery attachment that will allow you to clean furniture. Using a steam cleaner on furniture kills dust mites because of the high heat and is successful at removing stains. You can use this same cleaning attachment to clean curtains. Curtains can attract a lot of dust and germs and are often overlooked when you clean, but a simple run through with your steam cleaner can get them clean in no time. You can also clean and sanitize a mattress with a steam cleaner, mattresses naturally harbor dust mites and as mentioned earlier the high heat given off from a steam cleaner will kill the dust mites. There are so many uses for a steam cleaner and an industrial steam cleaner will work best to effectively clean whatever job it is you want to tackle.

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