Henrico County

By: Haven Moore

Henrico County's Seal

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Henrico County's length

245 square miles

Va Population

over 300,000
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Descriptions of Henrico

Henrico is a rural area with great farm land in the varina area
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Henricos education

Henrico county has 46 elementary schools and 12 middle schools and 11 high schools
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Henrico jobs

there many jobs people have in Henrico county but the main ones are health department worker and farmer
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Henrico county government (executive)

Henrico county's government is divided into three branches executive which is represented by the county manager who is in charge of overseeing the county's operations
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Henrico county government (legislative)

Each Virginia county has an elected board of supervisors, which exercises legislative powers, enacting ordinances (local laws) and adopting an annual budget.

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Henrico County Government (judicial)

Judges of the circuit courts, district courts, juvenile and domestic relations courts, and small claims courts hear cases in each locality.

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commonwealth's attorney

The Commonwealth’s Attorney is responsible for representing the people of Henrico County to present evidence in court against persons charged with committing crimes. Cases presented by the Commonwealth’s Attorney are tried in the Circuit, General District, and Juvenile Courts. In Henrico County there are 5 Circuit Court judges, 5 Juvenile and Domestic Relations Court judges and 4 General District Court judges. The Commonwealth Attorney’s staff includes 6 Deputies and 22 assistant Commonwealth’s Attorneys.
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Public Relations & Media Services

Public Relations & Media Services is a three-tiered, comprehensive communications department including public relations and information; television services; and audio-visual tech service.
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Geographic Information Systems

  • The Henrico County GIS Office was established in 1997 and serves to coordinate and support the use of geospatial technology within the County.
  • The County’s GIS office provides the necessary hardware, software, databases, applications, and personnel to support the County’s geographic information management and analysis.
  • The GIS Office is involved in geospatial data development, maintenance and analysis from individual to enterprise wide projects.
  • The use of GIS within Henrico County has grown to become an integral part of workflow policies and procedures.
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Foster Care

  • Foster care is a service provided to families that are experiencing a major crisis or difficulty in parenting
  • Foster care is intended to be a short term situation until a permanent placement can be made, preferably back with the biological parents
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Community Maintenance

  • The Community Maintenance Team strives to work cooperatively through communication, education,
  • and volunteer assistance to gain willful compliance of the ordinances it enforces to promote a healthier and safer environment for everyone.
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Women, Infants & Children (WIC)

  • The Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants and Children is funded through the U.S. Department of Agriculture
  • and is operated through local health departments and satellite and mobile clinics in Virginia
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Funny facts about henrico county

How old is Henrico County

Henrico county is 380 years old

Where does your county name come from?

Henrico County name came from his original name Henrico Shire

 What is your county famous for or what are some attractions

Richmond International Raceway,Dorey Park,& Funny Bone Comedy Club