Honey bees


Are insects. They have six legs and pollinate our fruits and vegetables.

🐝's help the entire WORLD.

The creators of this project. Being honored.

You can help bees in many ways. You'll see how they're important.


A bee colonies' home is called a hive. It is where the queen lays eggs. The 3 types of bees are drone,worker,and queen bee.


The picture you see is a "Beehive." Bee keepers keep bees in them to get honey. How do they not get stung? They have a special mechanism called a smoker. It knocks the bees out for some time so the beekeepers won't get stung when they're getting honey.

Why are Honeybees Important?

They pollinate our fruits and veggies . Without them,we wouldn't survive longer than 4 years. They're important for pollinating our plants.

What Can We Do To Create A Healthy hive?

1. Keep bees away from predators

2. Plant flowers near beehives

3. Don't hurt bees a lot or no pollination and no fruits and veggies

4. Beekeepers take better care of bees

5. Stop a lot of chemicals (air pollution)