4th Grade Newsletter

February 1-5

Important News and Upcoming Events

***First we would like to tell you that there has been a time change on the February 12th Valentine's Parties*** The new party time will be from 1:45-2:30. Attached is the following letter from Lee Walker, our principal.

Valentine parties for all grade levels except kindergarten will be held Friday, February 12, from 1:45-2:30. For those parents that are helping with or attending the parties, we ask that you RSVP to the front office by February 10. You will pick up a badge on February 12 upon arrival. All room representatives will be admitted to the building beginning at 1:15 to set up for the parties. At 2:30 we will make an announcement that parties are over and request that any guests in the building please move toward the exit in order to have a prompt and safe dismissal. If you have children in other grade levels, you will be able to sign them out early from their classroom if you choose to do so. Please turn in your ID badge to the last teacher that you sign out from and immediately head directly to the exit. Entry and exit for the parties will be limited to the three main doors on the west side of the building. 1st grade visitors will enter the Kinder - 3rd grade hall door, 2nd - 3rd grade visitors will enter through the main entrance by the front office; and, 4 - 6th grade will enter by the door closest to the fourth grade wing. We request that everyone please follow the procedures that we have put into place and work with our teachers and staff to help us keep our students safe. Thank you for all you do. This school is the jewel it is because of the families that support it.

This week:

Monday, February 1st: 5th grade Math STAAR SIM, and RISD Board meeting tonight at 6 p.m. held at the administration building. This week is National School Counselor Week!!

Tuesday, February 2nd: Lone Star Challenge Practice today afterschool in room 43A.

Wednesday, February 3rd: 5th grade Reading STAAR SIM, Honor choir practice afterschool.

Thursday, February 4th: Congratulations…you survived 100 days of school! :)

On the Horizon & Other WRE News:


· 2/12 – Valentine Parties 1:45-2:00

· 2/15 – Student Holiday/ Staff Development Day

· 2/18 – Dr. Jill Allor will be here to plan with KN-2nd grade

· 2/19 – Texas Legends basketball game

Math & Science: Miss Fletcher

This week in math we will be beginning the week by comparing fractions in a table, comparing sets of data using fractions. We will then begin to place fractions on a number line by using all of the strategies that we have learned to compare fractions: butterfly method, finding a common denominator, using models, and using 1/2 as a benchmark fraction when comparing. All of these strategies will be applied when using number lines, and next week as we begin to add an subtract fractions with different denominators.

This week in science we will begin to study force. We will learn about the different forces that work on the earth including gravity, magnetism, and friction. We will be exploring force with many different materials such as: yo-yo's, magnetic toys, pull cars, and slinkys.

Reading & Language Arts: Mrs. Wiley

ØWe will continue our unit on Expository Text. This week we will identify the text structure of a text. **February 12th Expository End of Unit Reading Assessment**

ØWe will begin a new expository about our favorite time of day at school.

ØThe students will review the writing process steps and editing/revising strategies