The Taliban have ruined the lives of many people in Afghanistan. They have enforced laws that are very cruel and harsh and now severe consequences have been dealt with the people of Afghanistan. The Taliban have killed so many people and have taken the nobility of each person. Women and children have been cruelly tortured and raped. The Taliban need to be stopped for the best in EVERYONE!
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What they have banned 📵

The Taliban had banned the use of hearing music, not only women but men too have been given this law. People of the Taliban have ordered that all people who have non Islamic names be forced to change them to Islamic ones. They have also banned kite flying which was very popular and now is not. They have forced so many laws that don't even make sense like the ban of not keeping pigeons and playing with birds saying that it is Un-Islamic. People who do not follow the rules of pigeons and birds well be imprisoned and the birds shall be killed.
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