PAM Indo

September 2015

Introductions [This edition is for NZ congregational use only: please do not copy or forward]

You will see that I have upgraded the way I am wanting to communicate with you, so I trust this is enjoyable and effective:

I want to share the stories of what God is doing through the work of PAM Indo TentMaking [TM = Self Supporting] person by person on the ground, living working and sharing in an UnReached context in Indo. Please enjoy and pray !!

August and September 2015

Each month Lidya is involved overseeing in SDC events whereby one of the Team of ten lead and facilitate the training and growth of the SDC activity: Medan, Salatiga, and Semerang are all now moving ahead undertaking recruiting and training ready to send in 2016

The Football Plus training scheme is also underway preparing incity coaches for all the 18 cities in the northern part of the large island

Continued prayer is the key

  • Lidya for healing and 100% health
  • Each of the 8 SDC as they recruit and train
  • Football Plus as the coaches understand the vital role in Ministry
  • Lidya as she oversees the complete country wide activity
  • My role as I connect, encourage, coach and advise on a daily basis

Bruce Knox

We appreciate the ongoing support in prayer, and funds that flow into the Auckland Interserve office, so as to ensure that the operational expenses of what is happening with the ever growing team of Indo TM person are met.