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In June 8 , 2002 a wildfire broke out to the north of Lake George it was called "Hayman". The size of the wildfire was 137,760 acres. The fire was started by former U.S. Forest Service employee Terry Lynn Barton. There were 133 residences, 1 commercial building , and 466 outbuildings burned in the wildfire. This was the largest and costliest wildfire in Colorado history costing $39.1 million in Firefighting cost and the total damage cost $32 million. This one the biggest but not only wildfire in Colorado.
Other wildfires including Fourmile Canyon, 6 miles west of Boulder. This happened Sept 6, 2010 the size was much smaller but still large at 6,388 acres the cause of this wildfire was that a fire pit reignited in dry conditions. There were 169 homes and other structures destroyed and 550 firefighter, 5 air tankers, and 2 helicopters involved.


In 2013 their highest consumption Estimate was Natural Gas at 481.9 trillion Btu (British thermal unit, 1 Btu = is 1055.05585 Joules. ) 2nd was Coal at 363.5 trillion Btu 3rd Motor Gasoline excl. Ethanol at 244 trillion Btu


For that high of a consumption Estimate there highest production estimate is Natural Gas at 1,804.6 trillion Btu 2nd Coal 529.1 trillion Btu 3rd Crude Oil at 379.3 trillion Btu.

Ideas on Living Green

  • Using the wasted water we don't drink and have the water turned into electricity using hydroelectric energy
  • Vertical Farming that is powered by solar energy
  • A soccer ball that connects Kinetic energy and can power a flash light for 3 hours


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Wed. 07 Apr. 2016