Rainforest Deforestation

Ashlyn Prumm


Rain forests are a part of the tropical wet climate group. As of now, they cover 31% of Earth’s land. The temperature ranges from 69 degrees and 92 degrees year round. Although those temperatures sound nice, humidity ranges from 77 to 88%, which is high. 40% of Earth’s oxygen and ¼ of medicines comes from tropical rain forests.


Deforestation is the clearing of Earth's forests on a massive scale, often resulting in damage to the quality of the land. Each year deforestation destroys enough trees to match approximately the size of Panama.

Deforestation in Rain Forests

Rain forests are slowly diminishing due to deforestation. It is done for many reasons, but mostly for money. It is done in different ways as well such as: illegal logging, fuel wood harvesting, and forest fires. Whether by human activity or naturally, it is still a problem. Negatively, there are countless factors.

  • Increases Greenhouse Gas emissions
  • Disrupts the water cycle
  • Increases soil erosion
  • Loss of habitat for millions of species

Make Deforestation Illegal

Thursday, Feb. 18th, 12am

Rain forests around the world

This will impact the rain forests by bettering the environment in which it lays. By not allowing the cutting down of trees, many benifits will come such as:

  • More trees to help produce medicines
  • The beauty of the different species of trees
  • Provide more habitat for the millions of species in the rain forest
  • It would no longer be a rain forest without trees