Congratulations, Class of 2022!


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The words of our Student Council Co-Presidents

Good Morning Teachers, Parents, Families and Fellow Students,

Thank you for coming to the 2022 Ringing Out Ceremony. This is an important moment for all of the 5th graders. Many of us still have a clear memory of the Ringing In Ceremony of September 2016. We can’t believe we have completed our time here at Julian Curtiss.

We are the 5th grade Co presidents Clara Cahill and Lester Perez Rosario. Both of us have been students at Julian Curtiss since kindergarten. Lester and I have been serving on the student council since the election in the fall. During that time, we have watched and helped all the members and the students from Julian Curtiss make JC a better place.

There were two areas the student council focused on this year:

The first area was respect for school property and the school building. This included new signage and classroom presentations about how to take the best care of our school.

We also worked on developing fair recess rules. Students made a Julian Curtiss Recess Handbook that included General Recess Rules as well as rules for specific games. We hope these ideas have benefitted all of the students at Julian Curtiss. We thank the entire Student Council, along with Ms. Iannazzo, Mr. Librandi and Mrs. Bennett for working on these projects.

First I want to thank God for letting us be here all together. It has been so much fun being at JC and today will be an important memory for all of us. We’ve learned a lot in the past 6 years. The lessons we’ve learned at JC were not only academically based, but included social skills and emotional skills that can be used for the rest of our lives. Throughout my 6 years at JC the teachers have taught me how to believe in myself. It took some of us a bit of time to get ourselves together but hard work pays off. Like Miss Stewart says,” Work hard play hard." It’s going to be difficult leaving our classmates and our friends behind but we have to take a big step forward. Thank you to our fellow student’s for being there for each other. Thank you to all of our teachers, custodians, the cafe staff, and PTA for everything they did for all of us. I am leaving this school very thankful.

In our time at JC the lessons we’ve learned haven’t only been academic but our teachers have taught us optimism and perseverance. JC has been my home since kindergarten. I have attended school for 180 days a year for six years. I used to think leaving JC would be a sad moment, walking away from the cozy red brick building and familiar faces. However, now a new window is opening and welcoming us to middle school. Another chance to try our hardest, learn a lot, and have fun. I’m sure the next three years at Middle School will be as full of opportunity as JC has offered to us. I hope that all the fifth graders have an open mind as they approach middle school. I am sad to leave Julian Curtiss, but it is a big step I’m ready to take. During these last few days, I have paid special attention to the announcements, every morning, noticing something that I never thought about that deeply before. What I’m thinking about is this insightful quote: Every day is a new beginning.

Please enjoy the ceremony and in the words of Martin Luther King, “You don’t have to see the staircase, just take the first step.”

Clara Cahill and Lester Perez Rosario

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Seamless Summer Learning

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June 22 - Volunteer Tea - In the JC Cafe (change of location) 8 am

June 22 - Preschool parent meeting for district at JC 9am (Media Center)

June 23- Preschool moving up Ceremony 9 am (Back patio weather permitting)

June 24- Last day of school Early Release Day

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