Running away from home

By Shana Chrisley


What teens consider as an answer for their troubles is actually hurting their relationship with their parents, endangering their own bodies, and compromising their problem solving skills.

The two types of Running

Chronic running is an act of manipulation to get what that person desires.                     Episodic running is the act of running to avoid a consequence or disapproval

Reasons Why a person might run

·Physical Abuse    ·Sexual Abuse    ·Bad relationships with parents    ·Afraid of failure     · Afraid of cosequences

More reasons for running

Problem solving skills should be adapted at an early age. If this does not happen due to bad parenting or bad behavior the child in their teen years my be more likely to make rash decisions. If they do not know how to cope with certian problems they may think that running away from it is their only option.  Also if a teen is afraid of failure, or disappointing their parents they will do anything not to have their parents disappointed with them.A teen could also run becasue they do not want to face the consequences of their actions. for Emaple getting pregnant, acting up in school, busted with drugs, ect...

The Risks

Teens that run are on their own so they have to fend for themselves. They might be targeted by pimps and may be forced into the sex trade.They are more susceptible to use drugs like marijuana, hallucinogens, and crack cocaine They may contract an STD or other diseases


Pimps look for run away teen girls sepcifically. If the teen made the decision to run they are probably at a low place in their life and are looking for love. In return a pimp will show them false love and get them addicted to drugs so they will be dependant on them. Making it very hard for the person to leave.  
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Effects on the family

When a teen runs away it does not only effect them it effects their whole family. Parents will be worried and stressed trying to find the teens. Their action might stress the parents out so much that it effects their mental and physical health. If the parents are stressed then it will likly cause other siblings to be stressed as well creating an unstable home.
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The best way to deal with your problem is not running away from it. You need to face it head on. You can do this by either getting professional help through a therapist or school councilor. Also you can try just talking it out with your parents.If more serious issuses are involved like physical and sexual abuse contact the police as soon as possible.  

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