Crystal Springs Family Newsletter


Principal Points- November

Below are the results of our Apex Fun Run! We are so thankful for all of the support from each of you. Please take a moment to look at how we did as a school. What a great community Crystal Springs is- thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

Parents + Students + Teachers= Success

Anne Nielsen (Principal)

Every Moment Matters

Every moment matters at Crystal Springs. We are excited to have Parent/ Teacher Conferences coming up. Here are some questions that can help guide your discussion with your child's teacher:

1. Is my child performing on grade level in math and language arts?

2. Are there behaviors you see at school (both good and bad) that you think I might not be seeing at home?

3. What subject area is emerging as my child’s strongest this year? What subject area still needs more progress?

4. I know grades don’t tell the whole story. Is my student giving his or her best effort?

5. How can I encourage age-appropriate accountability at home to support what you are doing in class?

6. What are you observing in regards to my child’s organization skills? How can I encourage them to be more organized without doing it for them?

Lost and Found

Please make sure that during conferences you check our lost and found. There are MANY coats and sweaters being left at recess time! We will be donating all coats on November 27th.

PBIS at Crystal Springs

Did you know that Crystal Springs is considered a PBIS school? What is PBIS? PBIS stands for Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports. This means that we are working together as a whole school to better support your children by teaching and encouraging respectful, responsible, and safe behaviors. One way that we do this is by teaching “The Roadrunner Way”. Roadrunners are safe, respectful, and responsible. These are the three pillars of our PBIS program.

We have a “Climate Committee” that meets two times per month. This committee is made up of teachers, staff, our school counselor, and administrators. Our mission is to provide a positive, safe, healthy, nurturing and respectful environment in which all students have the opportunity to become productive members of society. We provide this through:

1. Development of clearly defined and consistent student expectations and accountabilities.

2. On-going teaching and modeling of expectations.

3. Educationally sound methods that foster student character, safety, academic excellence and individual citizenship.

As a parent, you can help us by encouraging the same behaviors at home and being involved in your child’s education here at Crystal Springs. We would love to have a parent join our climate committee and attend one meeting per month to collaborate with us as we work together to meet the needs of all children at Crystal Springs. Please email Anne Nielsen at if you are interested.

Closures and Delays

Emergency and weather-related problems can alter school schedules and affect bus transportation for students.

The district uses an automated message system to quickly send alerts to families. In the event of a school or district emergency, the district will contact families and staff using one or more of the following options: phone call, text message, email and/or push notification. In addition, the district will provide emergency information via web postings, recorded information lines and social media postings. Early morning notifications will be sent as early as 6 a.m., if possible.

If no schedule changes are posted, schools and buses are operating on normal schedules.

Notifications will only work if your contact information is current in the student records system. Please update your contact information annually with your student's school. You may also download our mobile app. Instructions are available on our mobile app page.

Here are ways to find out if schools will be delayed or closed:

  • local radio and television stations provide district/school information on a continuing basis beginning around 5 a.m. Since conditions vary from one district to another, it is very important to listen for mention of Northshore School District #417.
  • - a self subscription to the Puget Sound Emergency Message System
  • Our District Home Page
  • Northshore School District Information Line (425) 408-6001 (a recorded message line)
  • Your school's main phone number, when the voicemail service answers, press option "9"
  • Our mobile app

If emergency/inclement weather school closures occur, make-up days will be added to the end of the school year.

Picking up your child from school?

If you are picking up your child from school, please send a note or email to our office.

Parents- do you have a minute to thank a staff member?

Expressing gratitude can fill your cup and our staff member's cup. Positive connections between home and school foster mutual respect; in turn creating a rich learning environment. If you're interested in sharing a quick "thank you" with someone who is having a positive impact on your student, please email me at: with subject line: Gratitude for Staff

Bus Lane- please do not use

When dropping students off or picking students up, please do not use the bus lane. Our bus lane is used early in the morning until late into the evening for middle school runs. Please only use the parking lot or the parent-pick-up lot in the north end of our parking lot. We truly appreciate your cooperation with this.

Amazon donates

Purchase with purpose!! Amazon donates to Crystal Springs Elementary Parents and Teachers Association when you shop for supplies at

Search: Crystal Springs Elementary Parents and Teachers Association .

Upcoming Important Dates!


6th- Early Release- 2:30

8th- Veteran’s Assembly- K, 3, 4- 9:40; 1, 2, 5- 10:25 am

11th- Veteran’s Day- NO SCHOOL

12th- PTA meeting- 7:00 pm

15th- Meet the Renewables assembly for 3rd- 5th- 10:00- 10:45

20th- Sound FC here at lunch recess

20th- Early Release- 2:30

21st- 27th- Conferences- release at 12:40 each day

28th and 29th- NO SCHOOL

Daily Schedule- Mon, Tues, Thurs, and Fri- 9:30-4:00

Collaboration Wednesdays- 9:30- 2:30