Mentee Minute

September 13th, 2013 ~ Volume 6

September Requirements for ePortfolio

All instructors should add one artifact of professional development. The activity can be from any experience from June 2013 - current. Artifacts of professional development should have a brief reflection on the value of the experience. All instructors will reflect on the utility of data sources available. New Teachers will assemble Professional Profile with help from Just In Time Training and Mentor assistance.

Be sure to fill out the form at the bottom to provide us feedback. Thanks!

It's Your Time To Shine

What a great start to the semester! We hope you have observed inspirational best practices in your mentor's course this past month. We encourage you to continue to collaborate throughout the year. Now it's time for you to shine! It is essential to good online teaching that your homepage reflect your own teaching style and strengths. The QAS will look for originality and creativity. Your course homepage and synchronous sessions are the perfect places to demonstrate growth and individuality as an online instructor. Go for it...create a NEWS item, design your bulletin board, compose a discussion response, discover a resource, produce a differentiation activity, and most importantly forge your own teaching ingenuity. Finally, always call on your mentor when a challenge presents itself.

Breaking Down ePortfolio

Component Three

III. Professional Development - 2013

What might you include?

  • Reflection on Summer 2013 PLS

  • Edmodo professional development participation - Fall 2013 sessions

  • Workshops

  • Seminars/webinars

  • Professional conferences

  • GaVL trainings: JIT, Leadership, Mentor

Component Four

IV. Best Teaching Practices

The following examples are valid best practices, but not an exhaustive list. An explanation of the best practice will be include with the artifact.

What might you include?

  • Screenshots of good news announcements (non instructional)

  • Implemented lesson plans, handouts, and notes with instructor’s reflection

  • Graded student's work such as tests, quizzes, and class projects with feedback from teacher

  • Exemplary synchronous session

  • Extended teaching activity with reflections from students and teacher

  • Two consecutive lesson plans with reflections from students and teacher

  • Student work samples with reflections from students and teacher

  • Communication series which demonstrates a problem and resolution with a reflection from the teacher

Best Practice Examples

Professional Development Examples

First and Foremost Eportfolio is a Reflection Tool

Your Eportfolio is more than a collection of artifacts and examples of your teaching accomplishments. It's more than a photo book of goals met. It's more than your digital resume. Perhaps the most relevant characteristic of the Eportfolio is the ability to provide GaVS educators an opportunity to reflect and refine their teaching.

Consider the following prompts when reflecting

  • Did I learn something new? How might I apply this in my classroom?
  • Is there data that suggests weakness in my teaching of a topic? How can I address the weakness?
  • How does this promote student learning?
  • How does this align with my teaching goals?
  • Where can I find support for this issue?

General Reminders

* Grading deadline is this week, September 13th.

* Remember to have grades updated by Tuesday, September 17th.

* Send out course update emails and BCC your mentor, QAS, and courseupdates.

* Faculty Meeting, September 17th and 6 and 7:30 pm

* Professional Development Series, date changed, September 26th 7:30 pm

Introducing Administration

Amanda Williamson ~ Supervisor of Instruction

Hello! My name is Amanda Williamson and I am the Supervisor of Instruction for Georgia Virtual School. My position is like that of a school principal. I supervise our teachers, students, and the daily operations of our school. I have been an educator for 16 years. I taught in a face-to-face classroom for eleven years and taught full time with Georgia Virtual School for three years. I love online education because it allows a more individualized approach to student learning and mastery.

I have been married to my wonderful husband for twelve years. We have two children, three dogs, and one cat. The light of our life is our granddaughter, Harper. In my spare time, you will find me in the woods hunting or fishing. Also, I love to read and sew.

Erin Hill ~ Assistant Supervisor of Instruction (Math & Science)

I obtained my Bachelor of Science from the University of Georgia and my Masters of Arts in Teaching Secondary Science from Piedmont College. I have been in the field of education for nine years. During that time I have taught in both traditional and online classrooms, served as the Science Department Chair for Georgia Virtual School, and I am currently an Assistant Supervisor of Instruction for Georgia Virtual School.

I live in Jefferson, Georgia with my husband of 13 years, and our two children, Madeline (9) and Noah (2).

Mary Ellen Krueck ~ Assistant Supervisor of Instruction (World Languages)

I have been involved in online education for the past 8 years. It has become my second career after retiring from the ground school. I started with GaVS in 2005 as a Latin instructor with only 8 students. Previously I was the WL Department Chair for Asian and Classical Languages, and currently, I am the ASI for World Languages. I live in Conyers, GA. and have one daughter, Julianne, and one grand-daughter, Bella, both live in Atlanta. I love teaching, traveling, and attending Fusion- D2L Conferences.

Joyce McKay ~ Assistant Supervisor of Instruction (Advanced Placement & Social Studies)

Since 2005, I have worked with GaVS in several roles. Prior to coming to GaVS, I taught Science in a traditional school, worked as a Respiratory Therapist and conducted research in a research lab at Duke. I am an alumnus of the University of Alabama. My husband, Dan, and I live in McDonough. We have three sons and one daughter. Our oldest son and his wife blessed our family with our first grandchild in July.

Asherrie Yisrael ~ Assistant Supervisor of Instruction (CTAE & Language Arts)

My background in education includes 15 years of teaching science. I have worked in online education for five years as a Science Teacher, Content Developer, Science Department Chair, and Assistant Supervisor of Instruction for Georgia Virtual School. I have a Bachelor of Science Degree in Biology, a Master of Arts in Educational Leadership, and a Doctorate of Education Degree in Educational Leadership. I also have AP Physics B certification. I was the 2010-2011 Georgia Virtual School Teacher of the Year and I was one of the top three finalists for the 2012 iNACOL/SREB National Online Teacher of the Year Award. I currently live in Covington, GA with my husband and seven children.